Six Car Crash Near Mission Street Offramp

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Multi-car crash on Highway 101 south near the Mission street offramp [Thursday, 3pm].

Unsure if there are any injuries. All vehicles are pulled over on the right side of the lane #3. Just north of the Mission exit.


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  1. I’ve narrowly avoided pileup crashes in this same spot. During high traffic times, the exit becomes very backed up, due to the schedule of stop lights at the intersection of Mission and the 101 exit/entrance. The beginning of the exit ramp off 101 is right after a curve that limits visibility, along with overlapping with the merge lane from the right. Even when traveling at or under the speed limit, once you round that curve, you immediately hit the backup. It’s dangerous. SB County, or Cal Trans or whomever, really needs to reassess this spot.

  2. The right-hand lane is filled with vehicles from the Las Positas onramp that are accelerating to get up to freeway speed at the same time that vehicles in the same lane are exiting Mission Street. This area needs a transition lane to the right of the slow right-hand lane, like exists at La Cumbre, but building it under the current situation is impossible because of the foundation position of the pedestrian overpass at that location. This is a continually obstructed area requiring moving to the fast lane in advance of encountering that area, in order to maintain freeway speed. It will always be a site of congestion and accidents until a transition lane can be installed there.

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