School District's Food Menu Goes Paperless

School District's Food Menu Goes Paperless title=
School District's Food Menu Goes Paperless
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Source: Santa Barbara Unified School District

Santa Barbara Unified School District Food Service Department is proud to announce that they have taken yet another step in their commitment to going green by going paperless in introducing its new digital and mobile food menu application, Nutrislice. The easy, convenient and paper-free digital food menu option can help save approximately 72,000 pieces of paper printed every school year. 

“We are pleased to offer this new digital food menu for our families,” said Nancy Weiss, Director of Food Service. “This digital menu experience has enabled us provide more accessible ways for our families to navigate healthy food choices on a daily basis.” 

Nutrislice allows users to view digital menus including nutrition information, pictures, item descriptions, as well as track and add funds to a “My School Bucks” account, an electronic payment system. Users can also filter information by allergens, languages and dietary restrictions that allow them to make healthy choices. 
Digital menus can be installed and viewed on any mobile and computer device. Users can visit, pick their school and start browsing or download the application onto a mobile device. 

Santa Barbara Unified School District Food Services Department is committed to serving healthy, wholesome and delicious meals to all students. 

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a-1558617832 Dec 13, 2018 06:00 PM
School District's Food Menu Goes Paperless

In the rush to go paperless they seem to have forgotten that low income families may not have access to smart phones or computers. You shouldnot have to own "media" to find out what is being served!

a-1558617832 Dec 13, 2018 09:26 AM
School District's Food Menu Goes Paperless

Applaud our local cash underground! 64% of students require case management. Is this true? SB ranked third in poverty of 58 counties. Cash economy works in our favor bringing in more government taxpayer aid. Keep improving your game. How many cards can you stack for SB and CA, until House of Cards falls?

Factotum Dec 13, 2018 09:33 AM
School District's Food Menu Goes Paperless

Newly elected Gavin Newsom is soon to find out. 80% of Los Angeles school district students depend on their schools staying open to get their free meals. This seems to be the biggest issue regarding a threatened LAUSD teacher strike - the potential loss of all those free meals. While parents send billions of dollars out of the country via Western Union- they refuse to feed their own children and ask taxpayers to do this for them.

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