Santa Barbara Women Create Song to Encourage Voting

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Penny Little, singer-songwriter formerly signed to Warner Brothers and lyricist Carrie Topliffe have produced “Raise Your Voice Up” a contemporary pop song with a rich gospel influence and non-partisan lyrics.

The featured singer is recording/touring artist Kenneith Perrin, who recently opened for Dale Bozzio and Missing Persons. Their past collaborations include the topical songs “Get Out and Vote” and “Say His Name”.  Other performers on the track are: Wendy Sims-Moten and Alison Zuber, backing vocals, and Gary Yoshimura, Guitars.

Topliffe says, “No one disputes the importance of this election. We need to participate in democracy if we want it to stay strong.  I want to encourage everyone’s voice to be heard, so I wrote the lyrics to be non-partisan and inclusive.” 

Little, who besides being a recording artist and producer, is a documentary filmmaker who produced the award winning film “Electile Dysfunction” documenting problems with electronic voting machines and election tampering in the 2004 election.   Little says, “I feel this song is a perfect soundtrack for Americans who we hope will vote in record numbers in this election to overcome the possibility of election fraud.”

The song is also included in the new album release ,“Runnin’ in the Rain” by the Away Team, Little’s collaborative musical and media project.  

The track is  available on iTunes and many other digital distribution networks. 

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Watcher237 Oct 26, 2020 06:03 PM
Santa Barbara Women Create Song to Encourage Voting

We could use more like this. Just vote! Democracy has always been founded on an informed populace. In fact, it's required for democracy to exist. Pushy fools tell you how to vote. Intelligent friends just say 'vote'!

Lorax Oct 27, 2020 07:30 PM
Santa Barbara Women Create Song to Encourage Voting

Loved "Too bad we have such a large misinformed cohort out there" we may be saved by "change is in their Air" for thoes that havent noticed, our schools are in crisis! vote the incumbents out any three but them!
check it out on Keyt 3 website, scoll down to Elwrard Maclearn, Brian Campbel and Moni De Wit,
all very deserving and capapable of changing the pathetic direction of this Santa Barbar Unified School district's direction. We don't want any more tricks, we want treats for our kids, open schools, Parental and teacher engagement and critical thinking. We need the district's focus to be reading, writing and math.

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