Santa Barbara Solar Eclipse Photos

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Santa Barbara Solar Eclipse Photos
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Eclipse from Camino Cielo East (Photo: Anthony Galvan III)

Edhat readers share their photos of the partial Solar Eclipse that graced our Santa Barbara skies and other locations on Monday morning.

By Anthony Galvan III

As Santa Barbara and Goleta woke up to overcast skies hundreds of intrepid eclipse viewers headed towards the mountains hoping to get above the overcast.

Camino Cielo East was packed with cars and people waiting for 10:14 PDT when the moon transit across the face of the sun and provide us with a partial solar eclipse. Camino Cielo East was above the overcast and the view was great.

The full disk view of the sun was taken with a Nikon Coolpix camera using a Tuthill Solar Skreen filter and hand held. A colander provided an "old-school" view of the moon taking a bite out of the sun on a piece of white paper.

Viewers crowded the road and along the ridges to watch nature's greatest light show.

By Mike Eliason

For Santa Barbara County, it was a partial eclipse. This view is from under Cold Spring Bridge taken with a 1200mm lens on August 21, 2017

By Valerie

Brief glimpse of Solar Eclipse from Santa Barbara

By Annie Linn

Lots of fog this morning, but between 10:15 am and 10:20 we saw a bit of the eclipse in Northern Goleta.

By an edhat reader

Solar Eclipse from Los Carneros/Hollister area

By Levi C. Maaia

My wife and I traveled from Santa Barbara to Sun Valley, Idaho with our two-year-old to see the total eclipse. This photo was taken during totality.  You can see the single point of light from the star Regulus just below and to the left of the sun/moon.

There were a half-dozen paragliders soaring around Bald Mountain during the event.  In the minutes leading up to totality, the ambient light reminded me how the sun looks in Santa Barbara when there is a fire and smoke covering the sun. It was dead silent seconds before the totality and 5-6°F cooler. Coming out of the totality, the lighting was similar to bright, white moonlight.  The birds then started to chip like it was sunrise and with 20 minutes, the sun's warmth began to spread again.

By Chuck McPartlin

Santa Barbarians on the line of totality in Casper, Wyoming

By Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

A unique celestial event made an appearance to stargazers in the United States for the first time in nearly a century.

The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History invited the community to “Experience the Eclipse,” a solar eclipse viewing party held the morning of Monday, August 21 at the Museum’s Palmer Observatory.

Museum personnel were on hand to provide astronomy information to visitors and help maneuver the observatory’s state-of-the-art 20-inch telescope to watch the sun and moon’s performance.

“This event gave our guests the chance to catch a glimpse of this unique sighting,” said Javier Rivera, Astronomy Programs Manager at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. “Our goal was to provide a fun, educational opportunity for the community to come together to learn about the mysteries of space.”

(Luke Swetland, President & CEO of the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History gets a glimpse of the solar eclipse with Jill Stassinos of Carpinteria and Dawn Dean of Eugene, Oregon)

By an edhat reader

A few shots of the Solar eclipse, and some shots from Shoreline Park

By Patti Gutshall

Since we lacked glasses and Santa Barbara was socked in. We sent to East Camino Cielo and used our very best High Tech approach.

By Charles Brewster

From the looks Camino Cielo I guess I chose the right spot to get some great shots. Not saying where but not many people were there and the view was fantastic.

Photos by John Palminteri at the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum

By Edhat Staff

We hope everyone remembered to wear their eye protection. We'd hate to have a Phoebe moment. 

And if you're still sad you missed out, at least there's Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" to get stuck in your head today. 

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jqb Aug 23, 2017 12:54 PM
Santa Barbara Solar Eclipse Photos

"hundreds of intrepid eclipse viewers headed towards the mountains hoping to get above the overcast."

I saw the same thing from my balcony. Kind of meh compared to total.

a-1503711619 Aug 25, 2017 06:40 PM
Santa Barbara Solar Eclipse Photos

The best pics Ive seen were the ones posted on our neighborhood website... yay for Mission Canyon, you never disappoint!

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