Santa Barbara Airport Wins Two National Service Awards

Santa Barbara Airport Wins Two National Service Awards title=
Santa Barbara Airport Wins Two National Service Awards
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Santa Barbara Airport (SBA) has been acknowledged with prestigious service awards from two major airline carriers. United Airlines announced Santa Barbara’s “depart differently” airport as one of three winners of the 2017 Quality First Award, for earning the highest points in its respective tier for combine performance across a variety of service markers. “Congratulations to SBA on this exceptional achievement. Your commitment to our customers and United’s overall operational successes is greatly appreciated,” United Airlines Operation leadership team.

For the first time, SBA also received Customer Cup Award from American Airlines. Customer Cups are categorized and awarded by market size from largest stations to smallest stations, according to flight activity. The award recognizes airport teams for their performance in serving customers at the airport across five primary customer touch points: departure dependability, turn flight dependability, baggage performance, customer feedback, and overall airport satisfaction. Simply put, American Airlines stated SBA won because, “They’re on time, customers love them, and they keep bags on track.”

On February 27, the airport held a special celebration with SBA’s American Airlines Envoy, where they presented Robert van Duin, general manager for American Airlines Envoy-SBA with the silver Customer Cup.

“These honors mean a lot to our airport and our carrier teams,” stated Hazel Johns, airport director. “This has been a busy year for SBA as we have increased passenger loads by 8% while navigating the natural disasters that have affected our entire region. We are proud that we have been able to keep customer service up-front and center.”

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a-1520315182 Mar 05, 2018 09:46 PM
Santa Barbara Airport Wins Two National Service Awards

I agree with Flicka that when you factor in the hassle, time & money for gas, hotel/parking & getting to & from LAX, even $100 each way is well worth the hassle! What's your time on the clogged 405 & 101 worth? Then there's the hotel stay to score the "free" parking at LAX and o' dark thirty shuttle to the terminal after a toss & turen night of "sleep? It's no contest when you do the math!

raygold Mar 05, 2018 10:20 PM
Santa Barbara Airport Wins Two National Service Awards

So many times the flights are cancelled from SBA in the early mornings. I have taken a taxi to the airport from Carp. Then you need to scramble a way to LAX. Guess what? Rental companies aren’t open that early. The last time this happened to us we hired a limo who was dropping off some other travelers. It was just about the same as the taxi drivers were charging as we were stuck. I will never again schedule an early am flight from SBA.

Factotum Mar 06, 2018 10:43 PM
Santa Barbara Airport Wins Two National Service Awards

What excuses did they give you for the early morning flight cancellations? I kept getting fog and/or not enough crew turn-around time. Has any of that changed with the new airport? Between too much lost luggage and the last minute cancellations or flight diversions to other airports, using SBA has not been a happy experience. I want it to work; but it hasn't been a reliable option for serious travel. Only use it when I have the time to compensate for the predictable SBA hang-ups. Please tell me I am wrong. Please. I want a good local airport.

a-1520352446 Mar 06, 2018 08:07 AM
Santa Barbara Airport Wins Two National Service Awards

Congratulations to the people. They are truly hard working humans with good hearts who deserve recognition.
Yet it's still pretty funny that Santa Barbara spent $63 million for a human hamster wheel.
Ever notice they have you walk in this sarcophagus on the echoing ground floor just to go up and escalator? You then immediately get questioned, frisked, and identified by no less than 72 randomly dispersed governmental Touch Search & Assault agents(TSA). Frazzled, you then have to gather your things and walk incoherently barefoot down the corridor to sit for a rest as you put your shoes on. When your flight is called 30 minutes late? You're then asked to walk down a stairwell, back to the ground floor, just to walk on to the tarmac where you get to admire the monstrosity behind you. It's fun!

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