Santa Barbara Adds Safer Pedestrian Crossings

Santa Barbara Adds Safer Pedestrian Crossings title=
Santa Barbara Adds Safer Pedestrian Crossings
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Source: City of Santa Barbara

Construction has begun on pedestrian safety improvements at street crossings throughout the City.

Work will include new pedestrian countdown timers and shortened crossing distances at the State/Alamar intersection, and new pedestrian flashing beacons at Alamar/Puesta Del Sol & La Cumbre/Calle Cita.

Pedestrian signage at 13 other uncontrolled crossings will also be improved.


Highway Safety Improvement Program - Pedestrian Crossing Enhancements


This Project will improve pedestrian safety at various locations throughout the City. The enhancements vary by site, including pedestrian countdown timers, shortening pedestrian crossing distances, curb extensions, street lighting, and rectangular rapid flashing beacons.


Without pedestrian indications, pedestrians do not know if they can begin crossing with enough time to safely reach the other side of the roadway. Installing countdown timers will provide pedestrians with essential information when crossing the wide intersection of State Street and Alamar Avenue.

The safety enhancements at the two school crossings at Alamar Avenue and Puesta Del Sol and also at La Cumbre Road and Calle Cita will improve pedestrian safety by increasing driver awareness and yielding compliance. This will be achieved by installating pedestrian flashing beacons and curb extensions.


Location: State Street and Alamar Avenue; Alamar Avenue and Puesta Del Sol; La Cumbre Road and Calle Cita; and 13 other uncontrolled crossings throughout the City. Construction Schedule: summer to fall 2019
Total Project Costs: $644,484
Funding Source: Federal Safety Grant - Highway Safety Improvement Program with partial City match.

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monkeyboy Jul 19, 2019 02:46 PM
Santa Barbara Adds Safer Pedestrian Crossings

I'm a frequent pedestrian and am nearly mowed down in a crosswalk at least once a week. Pedestrians walk in fear of their lives, they are not jumping in front of moving vehicles.

420722 Jul 19, 2019 03:32 PM
Santa Barbara Adds Safer Pedestrian Crossings

I walk everywhere for fun and am nearly run over at least once on every walk during MY green light with the walking man up. Drivers are in such a hurry to get on the freeways in the morning and evenings even though the freeway is jammed and not moving so they end up slamming their brakes in the Merge lane anyway. It’s really sad and pathetic to watch how angry people are when they drive. Of course I drive too so I’m not only a victim here.

aragorn Jul 20, 2019 06:42 AM
Santa Barbara Adds Safer Pedestrian Crossings

Death Race in Santa Barbara. The drivers score high points when they mow down pedestrians. The more they mow down, the higher the points. At the end of the week, they can redeem their points at the Metropolitan Theaters, certain bar & restaurants, fast food restaurants, clothing stores, grocery stores, pharmacies. Ah! Rush Hour!

a-1563637357 Jul 20, 2019 08:42 AM
Santa Barbara Adds Safer Pedestrian Crossings

It’s hard not to experience near hits of pedestrians daily because the City is designed to make public streets everything to everyone obstructing driver vision. Narrow streets on Eastside replace off-street parking for vehicles: cars parked forcing 2-lane streets into one lane. City allows homeless carts to park 24/7 instead of 90 minutes. Give them a place! Streets also are used to dump furniture. Bike lanes aren’t respected when oversized vehicles encroach forcing bikers into the center street to weave in and out. City needs to end parking on narrow streets for safety — to improve visibility of walkers, trikes and bikes.

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