Road Rage Fight on Glen Annie

By an edhat reader

[On Sunday afternoon] a Mercedes Benz and a Toyota Camry bumped into each other, at the busy street of Glen Annie cornering with Hollister Ave.

In a matter of seconds the owner of the Mercedes got out of the car and banged with his hands on the Camry’s trunk. Immediately the driver to the Toyota got out and a fight broke out between two individuals. Many witnesses around viewed the spectacle and soon Police and Sheriff Department troopers showed up.


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  1. It is troublesome how many drivers do all kinds of lane switching at this intersection, coming off 101 north exit. Some drivers get into left lane, then have to squeeze into right lane in order to turn right at Hollister. Don’t know what happened here but the squeeze causes a lot of braking and near misses. Cars don’t “bump” each other. Usually one runs into the other.

    • I know what you mean, but I disagree and do not think it is an issue. In fact I think the offramp would be massively backed up if people didn’t use both lanes to turn, and then switch lanes! The offramp is almost HALF A MILE from the Hollister intersection. People do not need to be in the “direct” lane for a half mile of surface street before their intended turn.

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