Rep. Carbajal and Border Security Task Force Unveil Framework for Immigration Reform, Calls on Republicans to Join Dems in Securing Border

Rep. Carbajal, New Democrat Coalition Immigration and Border Security Task Force Unveil Framework for Commonsense Immigration Reform, Calls on Republicans to Join Democrats in Tackling Border Security (Courtesy)

Carbajal, who immigrated to the United States from Mexico as a child, emphasizes that he and his New Dem colleagues are committed to negotiating bipartisan solutions to secure the border and reform our broken immigration system

[On the] 15th of Feb, 2024, Congressman Salud Carbajal (CA-24) and other members of the New Democrat Coalition (NDC) released their framework for bipartisan immigration and border security reform that will secure the border, bolster the U.S. economy and workforce, improve pathways to legal status, and help address the asylum system. Throughout the 118th Congress, New Dems have repeatedly called on Republicans to join us in advancing common sense, bipartisan solutions to address the situation at the southern border.

Immigration and Border Security Task Force Vice Chair Salud Carbajal and Task Force Chair Greg Stanton (AZ-04) released the following statement on the framework:

“Increased migration, fentanyl trafficking, backlogs in visa applications, and delays in our immigration courts are making the American people and migrants less safe, and it’s on Congress to act quickly in order to improve the safety, stability, and clarity of the immigration process.

“Unfortunately, Republicans recently rejected a bipartisan effort that would have taken meaningful steps to restore order at the border and address our broken asylum system, simply so they can use the issue as a talking point ahead of the 2024 presidential election. The American people deserve better than the GOP’s cynical attempts to use U.S. security as a political prop.

“Using this new framework as a guide, New Dems will work to not only address the immediate challenges at the border, but will also provide a clear path to citizenship for Dreamers, protect asylees, address workforce shortages, tackle the root causes of migration, and more.

“Ultimately, the framework is meant to be the beginning of a conversation – not the end of one. New Dems call on Republicans to put partisanship aside and negotiate in good faith. Anything less is a dereliction of our duty as Members of Congress.”

You can find the Immigration and Border Security Task Force’s framework here, and below:

Note on Bipartisanship

  • This is a framework and a discussion. The best immigration solutions have bipartisan consensus.
  • New Democrats are committed to lasting solutions to our nation’s problems and recognize such solutions are often the result of bipartisan efforts. There are areas to be flexible within this framework.

Section I: Strengthen America’s Economic Competitiveness

To build a 21st Century economy in which all Americans can succeed and establish the United States as the strongest economy in the world, the nation must develop a workforce that can continue to lead the world in innovation and advanced manufacturing. A key component of this effort is expanding and improving our high-skilled immigration to attract and retain the brightest minds from around the world. As business leaders from across the country have said, the United States should streamline the immigration process for high-skilled workers, recent college graduates and entrepreneurs to come, stay and contribute to our economy.

  • Eliminate the per-country cap for employment-based (EB) immigration visas and raise the family-sponsored per-country visa cap from 7 percent to 15 percent.
  • Increase the number available EB visas to keep up with workforce demands.

Section II: Build the Workforce Our Economy Needs

Worker shortages are creating supply chain bottlenecks and driving up costs for our most essential goods and services. From food to construction to health care, nearly every sector of the American economy faces rising costs due to workforce challenges. At the same time, small businesses can’t grow without a stable, reliable workforce. New Democrats believe the United States must take significant steps to meet the needs of American businesses and reform our worker visa system to meet labor market demands—because it’s good for business and for consumers.

  • Establish a pathway for migrant farmworkers in the United States to earn legal status and make commonsense reforms to the H-2A visa program.
  • Permanently authorize the Conrad 30 waiver program, which allows physicians studying in the United States on a J-1 visa a pathway into the country upon graduation.
  • Create a new temporary non-immigrant visa category for year-around work in industries experiencing occupation shortages.

Section III: Secure Our Nation’s Border, Once and For All

Both migrants and U.S. citizens deserve a secure southern border. Transnational criminal organizations trafficking drugs like illicit fentanyl and exploiting vulnerable migrants pose a danger to communities across America. The Customs and Border Protection agents who put their lives on the line every day to keep our communities safe have made clear that Congress needs to provide more funding to recruit and retain qualified personnel, and for improved technology and infrastructure. Migrants seeking to enter the United States are often forced to bypass legal pathways due to limited options, processing delays, and inconsistent adjudications.

  • Fund the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) at a sufficient level that ensures that Customs and Border Protection has no fewer than 22,000 full-time Border Patrol agents, increase the number of CBP officers at ports of entry by at least 500 to help halt the flow of illicit drugs such as fentanyl, increase CBP retention bonuses and raise the minimum pay rate of Border Patrol agents at or below the GS-12 pay scale level.
  • Fund DHS at a sufficient level that ensures it can upgrade the technology used at the border including investment in radar surveillance systems, mobile remote video surveillance systems, manned and unmanned vehicles; drones; the CBP One app; and CBP’s internal communications systems and improve infrastructure at the border including investment to upgrade roads and other pathways; clear invasive species that impede sightlines, and—in strategic locations where necessary—upgrade physical barriers.
  • Direct DHS to implement biometric monitoring at their ports of entry by 2030 in accordance with Congressional Mandate.

Section IV: Embrace Those Who are a Part of the American Fabric: A Pathway to Citizenship for Dreamers and TPS Holders

New Democrats agree with the majority of Americans that our nation is long overdue in providing certainty, stability and opportunity for Dreamers and TPS holders. These young people have lived in the United States for most of their lives and become integral members of communities across the country. Dreamers and TPS holders strengthen America everyday by getting an education, caring for their families, earning a living, and paying taxes. Nationwide, millions of small businesses, schools and doctors offices rely on these young people for a qualified, trained and stable workforce.

  • Grant Dreamers conditional permanent resident status if they sufficiently meet criteria, including passing security and law enforcement background checks; paying reasonable application fees;  have received a high school diploma, GED, are in a program assisting them in obtaining a high school diploma or GED; or are working.
  • Grant Dreamers lawful permanent resident status if they acquire a degree from an institution of higher education, or complete at least two years of a post-secondary level degree program while remaining in good standing; complete at least two years of military service or are honorably discharged; OR maintain continued employment for a minimum of three years, at least 75 percent of which the individual was authorized to work in the United States.
  • Pursuant to current naturalization requirements, permit Dreamers to apply for U.S. citizenship upon maintaining permanent resident status for five years.
  • Grant Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) Holders lawful permanent residence if they have been in the country over three years and pass security and law enforcement background checks.

Section V: Provide A Path to Legal Status for Those Who Pass a Background Check and Pay a Fine

If undocumented immigrants have been in this country for more than five years, working and paying taxes, they should be afforded the opportunity to earn their way to legal status. However, they have to satisfy certain requirements—including meeting strict eligibility criteria, paying a fine, and passing a criminal background check.

  • Grant undocumented immigrants who arrived to the United States when they were over age 18 temporary legal status if they pay a fine, pass a criminal background check, have not been convicted of a felony offense in the United States or their country of origin, and are enrolled in school or work full time.
  • At the end of five years, grant those individuals lawful permanent residence status if they continue to meet certain criteria.

Section VI: Fully Enforce Our Nation’s Immigration Laws

The American people need to have confidence that the United States will enforce all immigration laws. Undocumented immigrants who committed a felony, and those who fail to earn legal status, must be held accountable.

  • Initiate legal proceedings for undocumented immigrants that do not qualify for temporary legal status. Undocumented immigrants who committed a felony, and those who fail to earn legal status, must be held accountable.
  • Modernize compliance tools to digitally ensure U.S. employers can determine the work eligibility of new hires, with assistance to small businesses and safe harbor for employers that attempt in good faith to comply.
  • Provide judicial discretion for immigration judges to consider marital, veteran, and other ties to the United States and specific communities when deciding legal status cases.

Section VII: Reform our Broken Asylum System and Safeguard it From Abuse

Seeking asylum from violence and persecution is a human right protected under existing law, but paralyzing backlogs and chronic understaffing in immigration courts mean asylum seekers can wait years for a hearing. That’s unacceptable. New Democrats propose a structural overhaul of the broken immigration court system, one that reestablishes trust and transparency. Additionally, we must encourage and provide resources for migrants to apply for asylum before they make the dangerous journey to our border.

  • Transition the nation’s immigration court system into an independent judiciary, consistent with Article I of the U.S. Constitution.
  • Provide funding to hire additional immigration judges and staff support to address the significant backlog of asylum cases and accelerate the adjudication process.
  • Establish new regional processing centers (RPCs) in Latin America to allow asylum-seekers to visit the nearest RPC before traveling, receive an interview, and if eligible, be processed for lawful entry into the United States, Canada, Spain and other participating nations.

Section VIII: Strengthen U.S. Bilateral Relationships and Address Root Causes of Migration

The United States cannot do this work alone. We must prioritize deep and sustained engagement with Latin American nations–especially Mexico–as well as regional NGOs and the private sector to address the root causes of migration and combat drug trafficking. With Mexico surpassing China as the United States’ top trading partner last year, our economic relationship with Latin America is becoming increasingly important. Bolstering regional economic integration will improve the lives of people across the hemisphere and address the root causes of irregular migration.

  • Work with the Department of State, international non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and local authorities to disrupt the flow of drugs and illicit fentanyl and fentanyl-related substances, including by sharing information on precursor chemicals, providing more detection tools, addressing gang recruitment, and encouraging local education for local work.
  • Improve economic partnerships, including by exploring trade opportunities, access to financial markets, and foreign direct investment to solidify relationships.

Section IX: Expand Legal Immigration Pathways

Under current law, migrants face convoluted and restrictive legal pathways to immigrate to the United States. Therefore, they often choose to bypass the legal immigration process altogether and attempt dangerous and illegal border crossing between ports of entry. Expanding legal immigration pathways would alleviate the stress at the border, expand the workforce, and ensure migrant families remain united.

  • Expand employment-based pathways—including allocating 100,000 additional green cards per year for international graduates of U.S. colleges and universities, exempting the dependents of employment-based green card holders from numerical caps that apply to employment-based green cards, and establishing a “startup visa” program that would provide legal permanent status for immigrants seeking to start businesses in the United States.
  • Replace the outdated existing numerical caps for visas on employment, family reunification, and diversity bases with percentage-based caps that allow immigration to grow with the American population and economy.

Section X: Encourage the President to Take Executive Action

New Democrats urge the President to use all executive powers vested to him under the Constitution to take targeted steps that improve our immigration system. This may include, but is not limited to, actions that protect DACA recipients and TPS holders; extend TPS designations for countries in crisis as warranted; and streamline legal immigration pathways.

  • Executive action on some of these points may include, but is not limited to, actions that protect DACA recipients and TPS holders; extend TPS designations for countries in crisis as warranted; and streamline legal immigration pathways.

Rep. Salud Carbajal represents California’s 24th Congressional District, encompassing Santa Barbara County and portions of San Luis Obispo County and Ventura County. He is a member of the Agriculture and Armed Services Committees, as well as the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, where he serves as the top Democrat on the Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Subcommittee.

The New Democrat Coalition is comprised of nearly 100 center-left House Democrats committed to breaking through gridlock to deliver results for Americans.


Written by Rep.SaludCarbajal

Press releases from the office of Rep. Salud Carbajal. He represents California’s 24th Congressional District, encompassing Santa Barbara County and portions of San Luis Obispo County and Ventura County. Learn more at

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  1. Sounds great. I like the idea of the New Democrats – center left and willing to work on bipartisan progress. Let’s see if the far right allows the rest of Republicans to come join them and actually get some meaningful reform. Not holding my breath.

  2. While much of this sounds reasonable, I don’t get the sense that the hundreds of thousands of military age males who illegally enter the US will be deported. I also didn’t read anything that address the UN camps that organize the caravans in central American and provides them transportation and money to illegally cross into the US. Biden could have clamped down on this at anytime, but instead the admins action encouraged the border disaster. If the new democrats are serious they need to also address these root causes.

    • “military age males” – LOL why do Cons always stress this as if nations to our south are sending people here to attack the US? More silly FUD.

      Consider this…. most young, able bodied which are yes, “military age males,” are the ones coming here to do the hard work that most Americans won’t do and send the money home to their families. But go ahead with all the invasion talk.

        • CHALF – That comment is useless and wrong. What are you so afraid of? I just saw on Fox that now “military aged men” from CHINA… CHINA! are now entering on pace with that demographic at our southern border. Sounds like you all are being “invaded” from all manner of foreigners lol!

          No, not “America last,” but humanity first. Too bad you’re only capable of thinking of the world in absolutes – first/last, best/worst, for us/against us, etc etc… It’s a common sign among those with little working knowledge of world affairs.

    • @James, it’s important to know the facts and not trust a political talking head about “Biden could have clamped down on this at anytime.” Not true. The BIPARTISAN border package, put together by the Biden admin, includes the most right-leaning border laws we’ve seen in a long time. More conservative than anything trump ever enacted or tried to pass. The bill includes $20B in border enforcement which includes to hire thousands of new Border Patrol agents and asylum officers, increase detention capacity, and invest in technology to combat the smuggling of fentanyl and other narcotics. Plus, Biden also got Mexico to pledge $$ to patrol their side of the border to curb illegal immigration and trafficking. That’s a lot more than Trump ever accomplished, remember that whole Mexico will pay for the wall thing?

      • Oh and James… I forgot to mention the most important thing! Before you start criticizing Biden and Harris for not solving the border crisis, it’s important to remember that this bipartisan border security package was effectively shut down by Trump even though the majority of the Senate/Congress/American people approved of it. Because, Trump said he needed a platform to run on and if Biden helps/solves the border crisis then he doesn’t have much of a platform. So he told Speaker Johnson and the Maggats to shut down the bill and not vote for it or bring it to the House so he can use it as an opportunity to criticize Biden. Really hope people take this into consideration when voting this year.

  3. Black is White and White is Black….LMAO!
    Biden’s first day in Office;
    Joe Biden to pause border wall construction, issue protections for DACA recipients and roll back other Trump immigration policies
    Biden executive action seeks to roll back Trump’s interior enforcement initiatives and allow federal immigration agencies to “to set civil immigration enforcement policies.” In 2017, Trump quickly ended the Obama-era Priority Enforcement Program, which instructed federal, state and local agencies to focus their limited resources on the biggest threats to public safety, such as convicted or wanted felons and repeat offenders.
    On construction of a border barrier, Biden will end an emergency declaration that allowed Trump to divert billions of dollars in military construction and payroll funds for construction of the barrier.

    • Doop de doop, let’s get inside that thinking noggin shall we Coast?

      Progressive Dems are not happy with Biden admin and bipartisan legislation that they created to secure the border wall, BUT they did it to appease far right GOP who screamed, yelled, threw tantrums over the border and said they will not fund Ukraine unless there is money going to the border. So Biden and the Dems did what politicians are supposed to do, COMPROMISE! They did it because they see the war in Ukraine a fundamental to securing democracy and future U.S. safety. They put this together to say, “ok gun nuts, here’s your border bill and it has 98% of what you asked for so let’s pass it to make you shut up and get Ukraine the ammo it needs to fight off the Russians so we don’t have to worry about the US going to war with Russia in the next 5 years.” But then Trump said “No! Biden is crushing it on all fronts and I need something to stop him so I can drum up my base of idiots to get mad over nothing.” So Speaker Johnson killed the bill and refused to put it up for a vote because… it would have passed! And that would mean a win for Biden and Americans and Ukraine and Europe and democracy and the Maggats can’t have that.
      I know, facts are hard for some who want to put their trust in a demogogeue

  4. Geez, You shake the tree with truth and a bunch of SB nuts fall out.

    Here my response to all the criticism. and thanks for ruining my state with your idiotic liberal policies.
    No doubt I’ll get the expected responses so I’ll post no more.

    China likely exploiting border chaos to sneak military operatives into U.S.: House chairman:

    Alarming Rise in Military-Aged Chinese Men Entering US Illegally, Border Patrol Union Chief Warns:
    Border chief: Majority illegally entering Tucson Sector are single military age men:

    UN funding caravans

    In Mexico’s Deep South, the United Nations Explains Handing Cash to U.S.-Bound Migrants:

    UN Budgets Millions for U.S.-Bound Migrants in 2024

    Biden could do more about border

    Wrap Up: Biden Administration’s Policies Have Fueled Worst Border Crisis in U.S. History:

    • Fun fact! It’s always great to look up your sources to see if they are legitimate.

      “The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) is an American anti-immigration think tank. It favors far lower immigration numbers and produces analyses to further those views. The CIS was founded by historian Otis L. Graham and eugenicist and white nationalist John Tanton in 1985 as a spin-off of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). It is one of a number of anti-immigration organizations founded by Tanton, along with FAIR and NumbersUSA.” Wikipedia.

      Best look in the mirror before you quote a white nationalist.

      • ANON – you beat me to it. But no bother, he shan’t be responding, as he says, “I’ll post no more.” LOL! Fly away, little bird, fly away!

        I still don’t get the constant use of the term “military aged males” to describe 18-40 year old men who are the most likely aged men to be immigrating to the US to find work. It’s just more of the same fear and paranoia of anything non-white from the right.

    • JAMES – I think an important thing to mention, before fleeing, is why you blame Biden after he tried to pass a massive bipartisan bill to help fund and secure the border? Who voted against it? Was it idiotic liberals in Congress?

      Complain all you want, but without addressing this, it’s really just noise.

    • U tube films at the border are very interesting. CNN has a good one on health crisis at the border. I saw a lot of cnn posts there and the replies were very interesting. It’s a sad place we are at in this world right now. I wish I could believe hard-working young men are coming to our country but I’m sorry I know people on the border that live there and they’re telling way different stories than the people that are feeling so sorry for everybody. I feel very bad for the children that are coming in so many are having a rough rough time a lot of illegal things going on with children I don’t care where the children are from things that are happening to children should not be happening. Need to dig deeper than just Republican Democrat, this is a major problem. I truly believe, as our taxes keep rising and rent keep rising, and food keeps rising that people are going to start really resenting all the handouts, and all the hotels that are being taken over and the apartment houses that are being taken over by illegals.

      • Yes the refugee crisis is a GLOBAL issue. Countries with more wealth and resources will always bear the brunt of refugees and immigration. That is why progressives want to pass legislation and policies that works with other developed nations to help stabilize those poor countries to make it livable so their residents stay there. But these progressives who can see the forest through the trees will always go up against propagandist nationalists who prey on people’s fear of change and anger that their archaic coal mine shut down.

      • “I wish I could believe hard-working young men are coming to our country but I’m sorry I know people on the border that live there and they’re telling way different stories ” – What is it that you and your friends at the border believe these young men are doing here?

  5. You gotta wonder WHY Texas placed barbed-wire, River obstacles and Containers on THEIR border and the Biden Administration is suing Texas in Federal Court to REMOVE the obstacles… Oh yeah… more than 10.5 MILLION undocumented in 3 yrs— Thanks Biden, those will be all Democrat voters and that’s ALL THAT MATTERS… Unbelievable.

  6. Gosh-Remember when young progressives would join the peace corps and go to these countries of origin to dig wells, provide health care and set up outdoor classrooms to help these people thrive in their native countries .Now it is all about getting them across our border where highly paid non profit directors, advocates and government contractors soak taxpayers to the tune of hundreds of dollars per day for every migrant that arrives while we are told to tax ourselves evermore to provide for our current homeless population camping in our streets and parks. Never mind the affects on small Central American countries of losing a large part of their able bodied workforce gutting towns and enabling cartels and corrupt government officials to continue making life unbearable for the masses thus driving more migration.

    • GARFISH – “Never mind the affects on small Central American countries” – Wait, are you saying you’re concerned we are hurting these small countries by allowing some to seek refuge and/or work here? LOL that’s a new one!

      And don’t worry about wells in “these countries of origin,” as “young progressives” still do join the Peace Corp.

      Glad you’re so concerned about these countries. I’m sure they could use more help! And just a note: the cartels have been there killing young able bodied men and women or forcing them into service for decades. THAT is the reason for so many fleeing.

      • “LOL” -what are you ,Like 14?
        Sorry Sac, but not everyone fits into your 2 convenient boxes-the ones you either vote up or down. Sure I care about these central American countries. It would even be nice to be able to safely retire down there someday to help offset the northward migration. But it does sound like we both agree on the need to take out the cartels using our special forces enabled by Elon’s crystal clear satellite images within 10 days or so since THAT is the reason so many are fleeing.

  7. What an absolute joke. President Trump had the border on LOCKDOWN compared to what this mafia administration has purposely created. It was their plan to have open borders and to help them until time to cast their non-legal absentee ballots. As if all of us Americans don’t know that. The headline is hysterical. Thanks for the laugh, I miss the funnies page.

  8. If they came illegally and are here 5 years they should have a pathway to legal status??? That is why the Reps never agree to comprehensive immigration reform, because of this amnesty nonsense is the sticking point. All that is, is a magnet for more illegal immigration, and of course, more Democrat party voters, which is the real goal.
    The border WAS closed during the last administration. We had a stay in Mexico policy that forced asylum seekers to apply in Mexico and stay in Mexico until their court dates. Biden eliminated the stay in Mexico policy the first two weeks in office, The wall was near completion. The left called it a monument to racism, now Biden is for Building more wall….LOL Look at non partisan Pew Research graphs. The fact is illegal border crossings went through the roof starting 2021 and continue to get worse. SHUT DOWN THE BORDER!, DEPORT THOSE WHO SNUCK IN IN THE LAST 4 YEARS. then, we can discuss temporary work visas and dreamer status. Both parties are being paid off by Agriculture and slaughter houses, cheap labor in the kitchens etc. Our politicions, both parties are selling this country down the river!

    • It is true that the Constitution does not give foreigners the right to enter the U.S. But once here, it protects them from discrimination based on race and national origin and from arbitrary treatment by the government. Immigrants work and pay taxes; legal immigrants are subject to the military draft. Only legal residents are allowed to vote.

      • “It is true that the Constitution does not give foreigners the right to enter the U.S.”

        The Constitution has nothing to say about it one way or the other. In that absence, the courts have given Congress the power to regulate immigration. One of the forms of regulation is visas. Here’s a little known fact: most unauthorized immigrants—over 60%–entered legally but are here on expired visas.

  9. Stop with the BS about illegals working. We pay the taxes while they come across freely and reap the benefits.

    from the U.S. Census’s 2022 Survey of Income and Program Participation:

    The 2022 SIPP indicates that 54 percent of households headed by immigrants — naturalized citizens, legal residents, and illegal immigrants — used one or more major welfare program. This compares to 39 percent for U.S.-born households.
    The rate is 59 percent for non-citizen households (e.g. green card holders and illegal immigrants).
    Compared to households headed by the U.S.-born, immigrant-headed households have especially high use of food programs (36 percent vs. 25 percent for the U.S.-born), Medicaid (37 percent vs. 25 percent for the U.S.-born), and the Earned In
    come Tax Credit (16 percent vs. 12 percent for the U.S.-born).
    Our best estimate is that 59 percent of households headed by illegal immigrants, also called the undocumented, use at least one major program. We have no evidence this is due to fraud. Among legal immigrants we estimate the rate is 52 percent.
    Illegal immigrants can receive welfare on behalf of U.S.-born children, and illegal immigrant children can receive school lunch/breakfast and WIC directly. A number of states provide Medicaid to some illegal adults and children, and a few provide SNAP. Several million illegal immigrants also have work authorization (e.g. DACA, TPS, and some asylum applicants) allowing receipt of the EITC.

    • In fact, just about every economic study on the subject shows that immigrants are a net plus for the economy. But keep on pushing nonsense all you want – you’ve outed yourself sufficiently over the last few days, so you’ll be rightly ignored.

    • Whoa wait, I thought you’ll “post no more?”

      Anyway, what “BS about illegals working?” Just because half of households are on a major welfare program? You can still be working an need Medicaid…. especially if you’re not getting health through your employer. Did you notice this gem buried in your self-contradicting quote? “We have no evidence this is due to fraud. ”

      So, again Mr. James Mason, do tell us what the “BS about illegals working” means.

      Don’t run off again, come on and explain your claim.

      • You should read your own posts, “most young, able bodied which are yes, “military age males,” are the ones coming here to do the hard work that most Americans won’t do ..”

        That’s just liberal virtue signaling B.S. I said nothing about fraud, although I know some occurs.

        You act like a little bird with a puffed up chest flapping away at anyone who disagrees with you narrative. I quit posting because this thread is getting idiotic and is a waste of time.
        I just hate seeing a few loudmouths dominate all the comments with easily disprovable liberal drool and attack everyone who tries to add their views to the discussion.

  10. LOL! So illegal migrants can’t VOTE…? You bet your @ss they can and WILL- The Biden Administration is counting on it. IN FACT, an example of this, is that San Francisco just named a Chinese National who is here illegally to the ELECTION BOARD…!!! You can’t make this up people. Wake up!

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