Platform Holly and Piers 421 Decommissioning Update

Source: City of Goleta

On Thursday, November 7, the California State Lands Commission (CSLC) is holding a Town Hall to update the community on the work being done to plug and abandon the oil and gas wells on Platform Holly and Piers 421. CSLC staff will also provide information on the upcoming CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) process to remove two shore zone piers.

Community Town Hall
Thursday, November 7
6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Goleta City Hall Council Chambers (130 Cremona Drive, Suite B)

The Town Hall is family-friendly. Feel free to bring your kids to play in the Fun Zone. Refreshments will be provided.

If you cannot make the meeting, it will be recorded and aired live on Channel 19 and rebroadcast throughout the week. A rebroadcast schedule will be available closer to the meeting date. You can also watch it live here, or view a recording at any time on the City’s website

A flyer for the meeting is available here.


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  1. I read this platform had large underwater tents of sorts attached to it that collected natural oil and gas seeps located some distance away away from the platform. Now that Holly is shut down, has anyone noticed an increase in the amount of oil on the beach or oil and gas bubbling out of the water? It would be kind of ironic to end up restoring “Coal Oil Point” to its naturally oily splendor by closing down the platform. In addition, I also recall reading that the underwater structure of the platform is such a thriving marine sanctuary that it cannot be removed. Is the underwater portion of the platform going to remain as a marine sanctuary? Lastly, I thought the platform was aesthetically beautiful and enjoyed viewing its lights at night. I will miss platform Holly.

  2. Actually the beach at Coal Oil Point has been much cleaner since the platform shut down. UCSB scientists monitor that area, so whatever State Lands does with the old structure (since the Venoco Oil Company went bankrupt and left Platform Holly and the 2 leaky concrete oil piers on the beach for the taxpayers to remove), it will be scrutinized carefully for environmental impacts.

  3. Now we need to keep Trump’s rape of the CA coastline & interior free of his hell-bent desire to frack & drill everywhere, especially in the channel. I say let them do all that off the coast next to Mar A Lago in Florida, a state he exempted from any of that. Oh, guess where he’s moving after the White House gig is over?!

  4. Obviously you were NOT here when the HUGE oil blowout occurred, 722. Along with that, we natives treasure our normally pristine coastline & shores unlike those in other areas that sing “Drill Baby Drill” day & night. You can have your obvious loved drilling & probably fracking and enjoy the fumes, nasty views, toxic groundwater & everything else those bring. We’ll have plenty of oil without screwing up this area.

  5. From the downvotes, it appears there are a some Trump lovers here that must favor the destruction of the environment, probably the NRA (Guess where your membership $ go for that shady organization?!) and continue to leap in the air when The Don blows his dog whistle & tosses the phony facts disguised as red meat. “SAD!” Hate to tell you, but you’re all od The Mafia Don’s blind sheep. “You’ll get what you pay for!”

  6. Nice repetition of the oil industry talking points. Can’t get rid of the habitat! Can’t let those natural seeps go crazy! As if anything was natural about a system where they are injecting oil/water waste to repressurize the formations so they can extract more oil. We have a crazy consumerist culture and no mass transit system worthy of the name, so of course we have to use our Subarus in our daily life. But I am waiting for the first driverless electric cars to be available, and will be first in line for one.

  7. Love a hot take like this, thankyou edhat for letting us voice our true opinions here…no matter how crazy and lazy the take is, its fun to read them. Scroll to the bottom for some more TDS. How about we leave the “orange man bad” takes out and just have a discussion on the issues like adults

  8. ….and then, the critics of BIG Oil fill up their gas tanks year after year, showering them with hard-earned dollars. Tired argument or the truth? You decide, but please consider not giving them a penny more…we CAN do it! Did you MTD today?

  9. Thank you MP805. Just because I don’t hate him to the point of pulling my hair like some of us in this place doesn’t mean I don’t love our environment. I don’t even think those with TDS remember that the “orange man” didn’t create oil production, they’ve just grown accustom to blaming him for every single thing they dislike. I miss real adults and real conversations that don’t always end up talking about the same man.

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