Pizza Delivery Truck Strikes Two Pedestrians

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By edhat staff

Two women were seriously injured after being struck by a pizza delivery truck in Solvang early Sunday morning.

At 12:25 a.m. Sunday, Santa Barbara County firefighters responded to the intersection of Mission Drive and 4th Street for a report of a vehicle vs two pedestrians. 

Upon arrival they discovered a Domino's delivery truck had struck two females at the intersection. One suffered major injuries and was transported by ground ambulance to the Santa Ynez Airport where a Calstar helicopter transported her to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. The other pedestrian suffered minor to moderate injuries and was transported to the same hospital via ground ambulance. 

The Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office is investigating this incident.

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Luvaduck Feb 25, 2019 11:14 AM
Pizza Delivery Truck Strikes Two Pedestrians

The whole idea that vehicular traffic (including bikes) will see you and give way is a hoax abetted by a well-meaning but inherently flawed law. Pedestrians being in the right no matter what is beyond absurd. I taught my kids to watch out for traffic with or without crossing guards, never cross from between cars, never bike on the wrong side of the street and watch out for parked car doors opening suddenly--and all the rest of the things that would keep them safer than relying on other people's intelligence or awareness and assuming the risk for <their> safety. No matter who you are or when you walk, assume all drivers are oblivious, distracted, half-blind or stupid.

a-1582389375 Feb 24, 2019 03:34 PM
Pizza Delivery Truck Strikes Two Pedestrians eBay link to small flashing lights. Only 99¢ including shipping, but expect a wait of up to 8 weeks for delivery. **************************************** I walk at night and am appalled at the night-walking pedestrians I see who seem to take it for granted that 1) all drivers have excellent night vision, 2) all drivers are on the lookout for pedestrians and 3) that all drivers drive the speed limit and cautiously so. When I walk at night, I don't carry a flashlight. I don't want drivers to see me, but I make sure I see them. Flashlights sway as your arm moves and drivers sometimes don't spot that beam of light. I do practice night-walking safety technique #1: I never step up to the curb until traffic has passed and the road has cleared for me to cross. 20+ years of walking late at night and so far, so good.

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