Organic Soup Kitchen Introduces New Holiday Project

Organic Soup Kitchen Introduces New Holiday Project title=
Organic Soup Kitchen Introduces New Holiday Project
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Source: Organic Soup Kitchen

 ​In every year since its 2009 founding, Organic Soup Kitchen has brought our community together to prepare and serve meals on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day at the Veterans Memorial Building.

This year, in lieu of this offering, Organic Soup Kitchen is proud to announce “The Holiday Project: Delivering Handcrafted Meals” program. The key to this new program is that all meals will be freshly handcrafted and personally delivered by a core group of devoted Organic Soup Kitchen supporters. 

Organic Soup Kitchen’s Founders Circle members will engage in meal Prep Parties during the week of Thanksgiving and the week before Christmas. After meals are prepared, Founders Circle members will deliver meals directly to cancer clients on 11/21 and on 12/24. Please note that the Veterans Memorial Building will be closed on Thanksgiving Day 11/22 and on Christmas Day 12/25.

As has always been the case, this personalized food outreach program with Organic Soup Kitchen will be extended to individuals with cancer, degenerative diseases, the at-risk displaced population, and seniors. 

Santa Barbara County residents anticipate this camaraderie every year. Be part of the community that brings holiday joy to Organic Soup Kitchen clients' homes! To be considered a Founders Circle member for The Holiday Project, please join here. 

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Factotum Oct 21, 2018 09:09 PM
Organic Soup Kitchen Introduces New Holiday Project

WWII Vets are nearly all gone. Korea vets pushing their 80's. Vietnam vets now pushing their 70's. A few from the recent Middle East Wars. This is now gradually self-diminishing population group that at one time had formidable numbers. No longer. Now only a relative few, and an entire Veterans Administration to see to their remaining needs. Check out the VA website - they now take care of their own including an entire range of services specifically for homeless vets.

a-1573682143 Oct 21, 2018 05:24 PM
Organic Soup Kitchen Introduces New Holiday Project

As far as the Thanksgiving and Christmas events, we will be supplying food to other agencies outside of the vets bldg to cover more ground, also on those holidays we will be delivering to over 200 cancer clients across Santa Barbara. Thank you for asking.

osk Oct 21, 2018 05:17 PM
Organic Soup Kitchen Introduces New Holiday Project

We still serve breakfast to the vets every wednesday at the Veterans Bldg. This November 12th we will be putting on a luncheon for the vets at the Veterans Bldg for their Veterans Day Ceremony.

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