Opinion: Feds Push Oil

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By Larry Bishop of Buellton

Federal lands in Santa Barbara County are soon up for lease to oil companies for dangerous drilling and extraction processes. As our County strives to reduce the water, land, and air impacts of extreme oil drilling in County controlled areas, the Feds rush to push drilling on our Federal lands.

Federal agencies are greasing the regulatory skids to cram big new oil development down our throats. Soon the Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will approve hastily prepared EIS (Environmental Impact Statements), allowing oil drilling and fracking above Nojoqui Falls, Drum Canyon, Los Padres National Forest, and the Lake Cachuma headwaters leading to our drinking water aquifers!

A U.S. Geological Survey report, published in September’s “Environmental Geosciences”, confirms the polluting impacts on Central Coast groundwater aquifers from cyclic steam injection, waste water injection, and other high intensity oil extraction processes.  

Elections are coming. Ask your local and Federal elected leaders how they’ll stop this impending rape of our water, land, air, and climate.

Our kids strive to protect our climate by urging us to slash fossil fuel use. What do we tell them in 20 years as they struggle to cope with a burning planet?

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oceandrew Oct 09, 2019 06:06 PM
Opinion: Feds Push Oil

We ARE energy independent, for now, and what has it got us? We're still kowtowing to Saudi princelings and doing their bidding. Energy independence is a myth... gas prices still went up $1/gal. this past month in spite of no changes in production or availability to US markets.

oops Oct 09, 2019 09:38 AM
Opinion: Feds Push Oil

What's it matter, we only have 11 years & 6 months to live. "impending rape of our water, land, air, and climate"....maybe go outside and scream really loud.

Factotum Oct 09, 2019 09:26 AM
Opinion: Feds Push Oil

Instead of indulging in this standard hysteria and unfounded hyperbole, encourage our younger generation to engage in dedicated research that will develop nuclear energy safety and expanded battery capacity. Nonsense scoldings are going no where and not sure why you are even wasting your words.

PitMix Oct 09, 2019 04:06 PM
Opinion: Feds Push Oil

From Forbes Magazine, that bastion of leftist thought: "One of the biggest challenges in developing a thorium reactor is finding a way to fabricate the fuel economically. Making thorium dioxide is expensive, in part because its melting point is the highest of all oxides, at 3,300° C. The options for generating the barrage of neutrons needed to kick-start the reaction regularly come down to uranium or plutonium, bringing at least part of the problem full circle...... There are currently no operating thorium reactors..... Waste radioactive for 500 years..... " Yeah, this is the solutions to all of our problems......

Sam The Dog Oct 09, 2019 02:33 PM
Opinion: Feds Push Oil

Believe it or not we actually do have safe nuclear power technology. See Thorium nuclear reactors. Unfortunately, environmentalists will reject all things nuclear without understanding the difference and miss a huge opportunity.


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