Op Ed: Yes on T, Yes for Carpinteria

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By Leslie Gascoigne, resident of Carpinteria

For the last 5 to 6 years, I’ve witnessed the majority of the City Council members fail to act upon the plethora of public comments (1,100) directly opposed to the private development of public land.  The public meetings followed protocol; citizens were allowed to speak and our elected officials appeared to listen. However, it was obvious that we were not heard. Hence, the birth of the Initiative, the collecting of 1,000+ signatures, and now Measure T to be voted on by citizens of Carpinteria on November 8, 2022.

Currently, we see propaganda and editorial slant from the No on T campaign; there are blatantly incorrect interpretations of the potential impacts of Measure T. The tactic is clear: instilling fear in the uninformed reader to get what they want…The Surfliner Inn. The YES on T campaign is simply trying to STOP Carpinteria from being overdeveloped. The measure is neither deceptive nor dangerous; it is democratic.

Measure T supporters include many long time locals who have been proactive in preserving open space: the Bluffs, the Skate Park, supporting the Art Center, and protecting the environment. We are NOT a small interest group trying to hijack Carp’s future. We are concerned citizens who are taking necessary action to preserve the last of its kind in Southern California…a unique, small town, full of beauty and unpretentious charm. 

There are no contradictions here…no money to be had, no business to grow, no political favors or obligations, no secret agenda! Investigate for yourself and realize there is nothing to hide. Visit: parkinglot3.org, read the YES Campaign Question and Answer flyer, and speak with the supporters. Vote YES on Measure T2022 to keep Carp Carp!

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yacht rocked Aug 23, 2022 12:28 PM
Op Ed: Yes on T, Yes for Carpinteria

Still no mention that it was the adjacent landowners who started this initiative, including one who actually leases some of the land covered by this initiative from the City so she can have an extended backyard garden adjacent to her residence. That part is open space, sure, but not for you. The primary wildlife is dogs off leash and free range kitties. Not mentioning any of that is misleading at best.

It's better to have a small hotel downtown than have one on the Carp bluffs or Via Real where hotel guests will then get in their cars and drive to downtown for restaurants and shopping. A hotel adjacent to the RR tracks would allow visitors to come by train and not require a vehicle during their stay. Too bad folks couldn't work out a compromise, which would be a smaller hotel than the original proposal.

LocalCarp Aug 24, 2022 08:46 AM
Op Ed: Yes on T, Yes for Carpinteria

Exactly! It's that neighbor who's behind all of it. 4 out of 5 council members are against this measure, as is everyone I speak with. Out of Towners with money to use as a way to manipulate their own goals doesn't fly in Carp.

Rinconer Aug 24, 2022 06:36 AM
Op Ed: Yes on T, Yes for Carpinteria

Thank you for posting. Carpinterians, (everyone, really), must be vigilant against politicians and special interests that work 24/7 for their own benefit, not taxpayers. We have a Law that says no food trucks can park for 10 minutes in town. That Law benefits a half dozen restaurant owners, while depriving 99.98% of the town. Extremely un-American!!
Last time I went to a City Council meeting, one Councilman who read the bond to be voted on said, “I read the entire bond, and we get NOTHING for our $90 million dollars!”
This comment was followed by the Mayor, who talked about his kids for awhile, and then said we should pass all the $90 million bond that does nothing. A room full of non- residents that were bussed in agreed. All citizens are either vigilant or you become victims.

LocalCarp Aug 24, 2022 08:43 AM
Op Ed: Yes on T, Yes for Carpinteria

Measure T is all about a few neighbors who want to continue their use of public lands for their own use.
Changing a parking lot zoning, which is located smack downtown, right in the T of our local commerce from Commerical to open space is ludicrous!!! AND calling this open space as though it sits on the bluffs is downright deceitful! Signatures gathered for the ballot measure were done under misleading and lies- I was told a "Costco" size hotel would be built, wiping out all our gardens, views, and sunlight... I quickly learned it was all fake and a neighbor was behind this untruth and was/is using fear and anger to get people fired up. As a born and raised local with many born and raised local friends, NO locals are supporting this measure-- Its FAKE and UNFAIR. NO ON T!

Rainey Aug 24, 2022 09:47 AM
Op Ed: Yes on T, Yes for Carpinteria

This is in response to Leslie‘s letter mentioning that she feels the city council failed to act just because 1,000 people signed a petition and she forgets that the council represents over 14,000 people not just 1,000. So that makes the 1,000 a minority and if the majority of people were displeased with the council those members would have been voted out long ago. The sitting council were voted by a majority to lead the city and we should let them do their jobs.

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