One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

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By Brandon Priest

Hello to the 70 - 80% of Goleta Union School District (GUSD) families that want in-person classes to open.

GUSD continues to fail our children both educationally and socially.  They have continued to ignore the CDC's recommendation to open schools. I encourage you to PLEASE read: .  

GUSD didn’t even bother to apply for a waiver while 30 other schools in our district jumped on the chance. Why not at least try? This signifies pure negligence from our administrators. 

GUSD’s “robust” distant learning program is abysmal at best. Less than 2 hours of instructions by a teacher and the rest of the day is scheduled for “independent studies”.  Good luck getting our younger children to work independently.

My child's teacher told her entire Zoom class that "GUSD has no intentions of opening until January at the earliest."  Regardless of what the CDC recommends or what science is telling us?  We just moved into the RED Tier which allows schools to open in 14 days under some modified conditions.  Our administrators said they have been working on in-person modifications since March.  Are they going to open Oct 13th?  According to one teacher, NO WAY.

My child is a good student, above average on every assessment test since kindergarten, actively participates in class, received achievement awards every year and never missed a day of school or been late.  Now, according to her schools "assessment data", under their "ROBUST" online teaching program she has fallen below the 28th percentile in math and 16th percentile for reading.  I will gladly take some responsibility for this drop as I try to work full time from home and teach during "independent work" time.  But, as I'm not a teacher and I am working, I can only do so much of THEIR job.  

In the meantime, they rearranged her daily schedule (ZOOM class time), without any notice and without consulting me first, to accommodate their time slotted groupings for underachieving students. smh!  Just because I work remotely doesn't mean I can change my schedule on the drop of a dime. 

GUSD refuses to listen to their student families so our voices need to be louder. Make a difference and be collectively heard by boycotting Zoom for one day on Monday 10/5. Spend the day with your kids teaching or doing fun activities or going outside getting some fresh air and exercise. 

Thank you for your time.

P.S. One of the reasons I like EdHat is that it allows comments/public discussion. Please voice your thoughts. I'm sure there is a lot more to add to this OP-ED.

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bosco Sep 30, 2020 04:03 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Currently everyone is in home school to some extent. That is concern and it's not always possible or preferable.

ce_416 Sep 30, 2020 03:44 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Brandon, I feel your frustration. I have kids in both school districts. The fact that both districts didn't even want to apply for a waiver is a joke. Now that we are in in this red tier, schools can open by October 13th without a waiver, but I don't see GUSD or SB making an effort to hit that mark. They have both said they going to wait til we get to the orange tier which means more of the pathetic 2hrs of remote learning. Maybe a boycott is what we need to get these administrators moving faster!

bpriest Sep 30, 2020 09:01 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

CE 416. Thank you! Please share this post with other like minded families in both school districts. Maybe boycotting both school districts for one day can make a difference. if not, let's boycott the next week and the week after and maybe a full week after that! Honestly, I've tried everything and don't know what else to do to get these guys moving.

a-1601506271 Sep 30, 2020 03:51 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

You all do have school board elections, as well as the overall county school board elections. Never a better time to hold the currently elected school decision makers accountable. Vote as if this matters. All school districts take ultimate direction from the the elected school boards, even the district superintendents. They are not just rubber stamps. They are the ones to put all these issues on the table for open debate and carving paths forward. Why else even have school boards? You have a good range of candidates to choose from, and a clear track record of what the current incumbents have offered you. Take a look at what the challengers and listen to why they stepped up at this critical time for our local schools. Continued K-12 failure is no longer an option.

mcinsb Sep 30, 2020 10:34 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

And what would the people you plan to vote for have done differently? Force a reopening when it wasn't safe? The county did that and we had a second spike that is the reason schools are still remote, and we are only now coming off of it. Or ignore the entire pandemic like our fearless leader did and hope it would go away on it's own? That's again why we are in this mess, because it wasn't properly dealt with earlier. THAT is the incumbent that needs to be voted out, 200,000 lives too late. Our children will eventually recover from this pause in learning; the lives that are lost or with long term health problems from COVID19 will not.

420722 Sep 30, 2020 04:17 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Brandon I am so with you but we’re in the SBUSD or I would join. If someone wants to start a boycott/protest for SBUSD I’m in. Maybe more than a day? How about a week? That ought to get their attention.

bpriest Sep 30, 2020 08:23 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

420722 - Thank you! Finally... ha. Please, SBUSD families, join us (maybe just me) in this boycott. I thought 1 day would be easier to swallow. I'll keep pushing.

webguysb Sep 30, 2020 04:57 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

People seem to keep forgetting that although children are seemingly not as badly affected by covid-19, that they are still carriers and transmitters of the virus, so those who use that argument seem to be forgetting about the health, safety and wellness of the broader community of teachers, custodians, school staff, parents, grandparents and other household members. Furthermore, there are many articles indicating that cases are rising as a result of reopening schools too soon:

Seeing that the CDC is under Trump's perview (and considering his track record of truth telling), I am not trusting of the guidance coming from that office.

Personally, I won't feel comfortable sending my child back to school until we are in the yellow zone with frequent testing and vaccines available for all.

sacjon Sep 30, 2020 05:00 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

WEBGUYS - that's 100% fine if you're not comfortable. You have the choice to do full online learning (at least at GUSD we have that) or home school. Point is, some of us are OK with the hybrid model the districts have been touting all summer but are failing to implement. I want to know, what changed? We were all ready for the hybrid model, then Newsom said no school in the fall. Fine, but now he's saying in 13 days we CAN go back. So.... where's that hybrid model? What happened that they're no longer pursuing what they spent all summer preparing for?

sacjon Sep 30, 2020 05:06 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

WEBGUYS - also..... you ought to read the article you shared.

"The CDC report did not indicate where or how the children became infected....experts also say many school-age children who are getting sick may not be getting infected in classrooms."

"Just as cases in college students have been linked to partying and bars, school children may be contracting the virus at playdates, sleepovers, sports and other activities where precautions aren’t being taken, said Dr. Leana Wen, a public health specialist at George Washington University."

So, when you say there's evidence of an increase CAUSED by schools "reopening too soon," you're not really correct at all.

webguysb Oct 01, 2020 12:25 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

SACJOHN - You ought to research more, read more and apply more critical thinking.
Here's more information for you:

You're right, I am free to have my child in the online only option and he is and I will not remove him from this option until the consensus from the scientists and virologists is that it is completely safe to do so for NOT ONLY THE CHILDREN, but everyone else at the schools and throughout the community.

Seriously... Have you never seen how a common cold can spread through a city like SB and Goleta? Schools and children are vectors for sickness and although you may be comfortable sending your sick kids to school to spread their germs, I am comfortable keeping my child home safe where he can't be rubbing his snot everywhere (as little boys and girls often do).

Look into your conscience and ask yourself if you're okay with your child surviving covid, but spreading it throughout the community and inadvertently killing your neighbors. Think of more than just yourself and realize that we are all in this together and the best way to defeat this is to hunker down and remain clean, socially distant and wear masks.

dukemunson Oct 01, 2020 12:37 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Do you look into your conscience every time you go to the grocery store? Into the hardware store? What about when your kids play with other kids at gymnastics class? Teachers and pretty much seems to feel OK with restaurants and bars being open. We're about to open Churches, gyms and movie theaters (as per health officials recommendations). Our teachers and administrators, who in your estimation are protecting us by keeping kids, are SENDING THEIR KIDS TO SCHOOL!!!! I can see where you want to go with this, and draw a line in the sand and claim this is a health and safety issue, when it's just not. The teachers kids are in school...because to work they need their kids in school. JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!!!!!!!! So look into your conscience WEBGUYSB...and when you see everything open that you use, and all private schools and rich kid schools and teachers kids schools open...what does your conscience say about that...?

sacjon Oct 01, 2020 12:40 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

WEBGUYS - no need to get unhinged, I just pointed out that the article you rely on for your assertion does not really support it. I'm not the one who needs to work on reading. It's woefully clear you read nothing of my post ;)

Yes, sending kids to school puts them at risk of catching all sorts of things. Nothing new there. As for the covid risk, GUSD had a plan to do a hybrid model, that's all I want. I don't think it's safe for full-time "normal" school, just the hybrid, carefully planned model. We can't keep the kids home forever! They're already out playing modified sports (look at the hundreds of kids playing soccer at Girsh everyday), they're in pre-schools and daycares, they're in camps, they're at grocery stores, they're playing in small groups outdoors at the parks, they're now allowed INDOORS at restaurants, retail stores, etc etc etc.... and in 13 days they're allowed to go back to school. Your argument that kids get sick at school is flaccid. We all know that, but sometimes, the risk is worth it, especially when GUSD has put so much time and money into the hybrid model that they found to be safe enough to implement.

And again, enough with the simple "it's selfish" rag... This is about what's best for our kids, NOT ME. It's getting old, try a new one.

webguysb Oct 01, 2020 01:24 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

DUKEMUNSON - During an airborn viral pandemic that spreads asymptomatically in which over a million lives have been lost in 7ish months, YES!!! I absolutely look to my conscience when I leave the house. Every. Single. Time. I'm dismayed to read that you and so many of our community members seem to lack such a conscience! Shame on you for being a part of the problem and contributing to the spread of this virus rather than being a part of the solution and wanting to stop this thing and SAVE LIVES!

webguysb Oct 01, 2020 01:35 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

I'm not unhinged, just dismayed by the cavalier attitude so many people have about this virus. You point out how many people and kids are at parks and restaurants and out in the communities and use that as your own justification to open up schools, but just because others are out there making the problem worse, doesn't mean that everyone else should also jump on that bandwagon. I listen to the scientists, doctors and virologists and then make an educated assessment of what is safe to do and based on that assessment derived from critical thinking and an interest in keeping our community as healthy and safe as possible, I say that it is not only unsafe to open our schools at this time, it is morally inept and socially irresponsible to do so.

I really hope you all are safe and healthy and are working to reduce the spread and not make this pandemic worse. The sooner we all cooperate with mask wearing, social distancing, hand washing and avoiding congregating in indoor spaces, the sooner we can defeat this thing and all get back to some semblance of normalcy.

webguysb Oct 01, 2020 01:36 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

I'm not unhinged, just dismayed by the cavalier attitude so many people have about this virus. You point out how many people and kids are at parks and restaurants and out in the communities and use that as your own justification to open up schools, but just because others are out there making the problem worse, doesn't mean that everyone else should also jump on that bandwagon. I listen to the scientists, doctors and virologists and then make an educated assessment of what is safe to do and based on that assessment derived from critical thinking and an interest in keeping our community as healthy and safe as possible, I say that it is not only unsafe to open our schools at this time, it is morally inept and socially irresponsible to do so.

I really hope you all are safe and healthy and are working to reduce the spread and not make this pandemic worse. The sooner we all cooperate with mask wearing, social distancing, hand washing and avoiding congregating in indoor spaces, the sooner we can defeat this thing and all get back to some semblance of normalcy.

dukemunson Oct 01, 2020 01:37 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

So you look to your conscience...and then still go get a coffee, grab groceries, hit the park and then go out on the funk zone? You deeply ponder the world and your role...and then enjoy the fruits and labors of EVERY OTHER INDUSTRY THAN TEACHERS???!!! This thing is here to stay. It's a bummer. We have to be smart. Wear your mask. Wash your hands. But life goes on. And enjoying anything and everything has to offer, while drawing in the line in the sand about public schools doesn't speak to your conscience, it's telegraphs your hypocrisy.

sacjon Oct 01, 2020 01:50 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

WEBGUYSB - First of all, yes, I am practicing safety and wearing masks everywhere, distancing, washing, etc and even condemning family that don't do the same. That's not the point. The point is, we have to live with this. We can't keep shut down forever. The schools had a plan for hybrid learning. What happened to that? Why can't they do it now, after they were planning to do it in August before Newsom shut downs schools?

As for the "the scientists, doctors and virologists" you claim to listen to... well, they've all told Newsom that it is safe to allow a return to school if we're stay in this tier for 12 more days. Why do you ignore them when they allow schools to re-open?

Finally, the fact that they've allowed all these services and places to re-open indicates that it is SAFE TO DO SO. You can't live in fear forever. We've got kids and adults out there all over town doing modified sports, eating in restaurants, etc etc etc and there have been ZERO massive spikes in our numbers. In fact, our numbers have gone down despite all these things being open, hence the reduction to the red tier. If our numbers are going down, why can't we do what GUSD planned to do when our numbers were even higher? THAT is what I want to know.

bosco Oct 01, 2020 03:57 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

WEBGUY. The disease is not going away. According to you we should all stop our lives to "stop this thing". That is not factual thinking, we are not going to "stop this thing". You just can't think that way. Rather you have to think about how do we best live and manage this thing. This debate illustrates the fundamental philosophical differences in how we approach risk. On one side you and others view this as black and white. COVID = DEATH. Even while you continue to accept all of life's other risks without question. On the other hand many of us believe the situation is much more complex and has to be approached from a practical standpoint. I doubt anyone here denies that COVID poses risks to individuals. My wife works in healthcare and sees COVID patients on a regular basis. I've heard first hand what this disease can do. But, the healthcare community also understands that there will always be some level of community spread for the foreseeable future. It's a difficult concept, but we have to be ok with that. It's not one way or the other it's a balancing act.

Shmonk Oct 01, 2020 04:10 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

You and your family can't live in a bubble web guy. Teach your children how to be responsible ans safe and let them go to school lmao

webguysb Oct 02, 2020 03:46 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

You're putting words in my mouth and making a lot of assumptions DUKEMUNSON. Get off your high horse and look in the mirror at your own hypocrisy.

webguysb Oct 02, 2020 03:59 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Thankfully, you don't get to tell me how me and my family can live and especially when to send my child to school during a pandemic SHMONK. Teaching my child to be responsible and safe is exactly what I am doing and I am furthering the message by leading by example.

dukemunson Oct 02, 2020 04:02 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Please, point out my hypocrisy! I'm advocating (OK ranting) for medical experts advice to be followed...which right now is point blank saying that when you are in the tier we're in, schools should be open as it's in the kids best interest. Correct me though and point out my hypocrisy. Because the only hypocrisy I see is people out and about living and doing everything, then turning around and saying public schools should be closed. If you personally are in the camp that says CLOSE EVERYTHING AND HIDE/SHELTER IN PLACE then I'm not calling you a hypocrit. But if you are saying schools should stay closed while everything else is open and you are enjoying/utilizing said EVERYTHING than are a hypocrite.

webguysb Oct 02, 2020 04:04 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Of course it's not black and white. When I say "stop this thing," what I mean is that we need to limit the spread as much as possible and get the numbers way down. Personally, I'll feel comfortable when we are in the yellow zone and that is achievable if we all work together. The problem is that far too many people are non-mask wearing individuals that ignore the virus and are making the problem far worse than it ever needed to be. Just look at how so many other countries have handled it and are able to get back to normal. The US, California and Santa Barbara is still far from that type of reduction in the spread of this virus that it is still not safe yet.

webguysb Oct 02, 2020 04:09 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Here is a link that says that it is still not safe to open schools:

Please provide your own links that come from these medical experts of yours that indicate otherwise.

dukemunson Oct 02, 2020 04:14 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

If you take out Santa Maria and Lompoc, we would be in the yellow tier. Two cities though that are pretty geographically isolated from us (and are over 60 miles away) are keeping us in the higher tiers. So...the numbers are down...and everything is open. Why not schools? Why can everything else be open, but public schools stay closed?
This is where I remind you, for the 517th time, that private schools, pre-schools and the schools for the kids of teachers are all open! Teachers are so worried about schools opening and kids being with other kids that...they have their kids in classrooms right now with other kids!!!

dukemunson Oct 02, 2020 04:17 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

IT LITERALLY SAYS IN THE LINK YOU JUST SENT THAT WE CAN OPEN!!! We are in the red tier. We'd be in yellow without Lompoc and Santa Maria.

sacjon Oct 02, 2020 04:20 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

WEBGUYS - do you read the articles you post as "proof" that's it's not safe to go back to school? "K-12 schools can open only after their county moves to the red tier" --- OK, we're in the red tier now and in 11 days, we'll be able to send our kids back to school based on rigorous science and data that Newsom is basing his decisions on. No, it won't be full time, but hyrbid is better than nothing and IT IS ALLOWED.

I mean seriously, every link to "proof" that you've provided says EXACTLY what we're saying: When the State allows us to send our kids to a hybrid and safe learning model, why can't we? Your "science" is saying the same thing we are, but you don't seem to get that.

sacjon Oct 02, 2020 04:26 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

WEBGUYSB - Please, read your articles and listen to what we are saying. It's quite simple. Now that we're in the red tier, if we remain there for 14 days (11 more now), then schools are allowed to re-open as long as they have safety precautions in place (see your own "proof" - "Schools that do reopen must have COVID-19 prevention and response plans in place" That means a hybrid model with many many other precautions, just as GUSD has implemented this past summer (or at least what they told us they did). So.... the doctors, the scientists, the Governor are saying it's safe to go back if we keep our numbers where they are. You're beating a dead horse here with and your "evidence" is contradicting your arguments.

dukemunson Oct 02, 2020 04:34 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Not Where? It was obvious we were going to red weeks board should have booked emergency weekly meetings to plan for reopening...instead...crickets. Next meeting is scheduled for end of the month.

dukemunson Oct 02, 2020 04:38 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

That's pretty funny from the guy who's got a great habit of sending links that directly and completely contradict the point he's trying to make. I applaud it and am thankful for you...your posts are performance art.

sacjon Oct 02, 2020 04:48 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

WEBGUYSB - 1) We ARE there - we're in the red tier. In 11 days, we will be able to go to school. 2) I'm the one who needs to go back to school? That is a joke. You've been unable to present a coherent argument in 2 days. You post "evidence" that repeatedly contradicts your points. Yeah..... I'm the one needing school. Already have a doctorate, but thanks!

webguysb Oct 02, 2020 04:57 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Well, you seem to lack the ability to apply sensical critical thinking in the face of an ongoing pandemic. You don't understand that by rushing to open up schools, you're furthering this problem and not making it better. You don't seem to get that this thing spreads asymptomatically and thrives in indoor environments in which people spend a greater of 15 minutes in. Furthermore, you lack the understanding of how children are vectors for spreading viruses and also the compassion to want to spare unnecessary sickness and deaths of so many teachers, staff, grandparents and other community members... All because you are so eager to get your children out of your home and into an environment in which they can catch and spread the virus and further this pandemic.

You also insist on dismissing the validity of the arguments I present, you fail to cite reliable sources and you resort to insults and divisiveness. I don't care for your claims, I look at the evidence and it speaks for itself.

I'm done arguing with people like you. I am grateful for the virtual academy that my son is enrolled in and will not be sending my son back to school amongst peers whose parents have the attitudes that you people have.

dukemunson Oct 02, 2020 05:41 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Well, I could listen to WebguySb or I could listen to The medical experts... it’s a tough one... webguy or fauci... the cdc or a guy on Edhat. Some choices are brutal! Going with my gut though on this one...let’s hope they think as critically as webguy!! One follow up... maybe schedule an eye exam... every piece of evidence you share, reference and link says the opposite of what you say... maybe an eye issue! Good thing is eye doctors (like everyone except Public school teachers!) are open, working and ready to help you!!!

sacjon Oct 02, 2020 06:03 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

WEBGUYSB - you are not reading anything I say, so I have nothing further to say. You're not posting evidence yet you demand others do so. The fact that we're allowed back to school is all I need.

Annps Oct 13, 2020 10:16 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Did Webguy say he was going to the Funk Zone?
Yes, every other industry that doesn't have to work in a relatively small space (how can you compare grocery store clerks in a huge store, behind plexiglass, to a teacher in a classroom?), with young people who will most likely have a challenging time following distancing and mask protocols.
And aren't restaurants only serving food outside? Are you advocating for students being taught outside all winter?

Annps Oct 13, 2020 10:21 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

No, the teachers'm children are not in school. They are paying for support for their school-age children who are Zoom, etc. classes just like everyone else.. If that sounds good to you hire your own person to help out. That's what the teachers are doing.
Get your facts straight.

Annps Oct 13, 2020 10:27 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

You are so very out of touch. Teachers typically work at least 30% more hours than they are paid. Then came Covid and distance learning. They are now juggling at least 5 hours of face-to-face teaching with all of the asynchronous lessons and online assignments they have to design, create, and review. Get your facts right. They teach face-to-face from 8:30 - 2:45, then move on to all of the work they put into the asynchronous lessons. Do the math. They are getting very little sleep and have no personal time. You clearly do not know any teachers very well.

Sbrysa Sep 30, 2020 08:16 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

We just made the choice to pull our children out of public school and put them in private. Seeing the joy it brought to them made it the best money we ever spent.

bpriest Sep 30, 2020 08:51 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

SBRYSA - Congratulations! I really am happy that you made the move. My wife and I are actively seeking private school. it's been a real eye-opener. I am sure I will agree that it will be the best money ever spent if we can pull it off (whew, it's expensive). keeping our fingers crossed for some many other reasons besides in-person learning.

Sbrysa Sep 30, 2020 08:58 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Good luck! It was so overwhelming at the tour I almost cried the outpouring of love my kids received as they used to be students there but due to my business being closed for 7 months we had to withdraw them as we lost so much money. But by the grace of god we found a way. We are lucky to be fortunate enough to have another option for them. I do hope we as parents and public schools/ private can collectively work together to help the children get back to school as safely (and realistically) as possible.

Annps Oct 13, 2020 10:28 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

What private school are they attending? Friends of mine pulled their child from a private school because of the lack of lessons and content. She is now a fourth grader at a public school and is getting a much better education.

mcinsb Sep 30, 2020 10:06 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

We've had a decent time of it -- teachers are teaching, kids are learning, I'm supervising. My kids are a bit older so that definitely helps. And I wonder if your child has really had learning loss -- you and teacher would know from how they do on assignments etc -- or if their assessment results were more a reflection of the test taking circumstances, or just an off day?
I've been listening to all the board meetings and reading the communications so I know that they are preparing to open as soon as they can after the county gives the ok. They never voted to wait until January, just mentioned it in discussion once. Because I listen to their meetings I know the logistical nightmare it is to open in a pandemic, but they are slogging through it to be ready as soon as it's feasible. Upgrading all the ventilation systems, buying portable hand washing stations, securing testing labs, etc. Requirements for screening every student each morning alone is enough make your head spin. Every child will need to be screened with a parent at the ready in case they don't pass the screening and have to go back home. Can you imagine the line of cars with every family waiting to be screened? And the amount of time it will take? It'll clog up the neighborhood streets and take half the morning! And that is just one of many logistical requirements that MUST be met to open campuses. Small, rich districts with fewer kids in the entire district than we have at one single school, and 2-3 times as much funding per student, can easily make adjustments as needed to open campus. It's a whole other ballgame for our 3600 students and 10 schools with tiny parking lots.
And I haven't even mentioned the fact that we are all doing this because of a deadly pandemic. I know people who have been sick, people who have been hospitalized, and people who have died from COVID19. Previously healthy people. It is unconscionable to suggest we force people and their families to take that risk before our community is ready. Just because you and I can work from home we must not forget the essential workers forced to work with little protection or safety net who are terrified their families are or will be exposed. And yes, those who choose to return to campus could while others stay remote. But then all the kids and teachers have to be re-shuffled again into new classes to accommodate the existing classes being split up but those family decisions. And on and on with the logistics of it. And what happens if a teacher or a class has to go home to quarantine if someone tests positive? Do we have enough subs, and as parents are we flexible enough to have kids in and out of school in 2-week intervals based on that week's test results? I am fine with waiting a few more weeks to make sure we really are safe before I send my babies back to campus. And I really appreciate the current school boards taking my family's health, the health of their employees and their families, and the community, very seriously, as they should. No one would argue that kids need to be in school in person with teachers, but not at the risk of ANYONE's life.


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