Nutcracker Athletics

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Photo by Fritz Olenberger
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By Fritz Olenberger

I took this photo at the Sunday matinee of the Santa Barbara Festival Ballet's production of The Nutcracker.  Ava McLarand performed as the Candy Cane.

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fitz Dec 15, 2021 09:58 AM
Nutcracker Athletics

We attended the Saturday afternoon performance. Kids were being tested if necessary (results in one half hour) . Masks required. Vax proof required. Several hundred people admitted and they all enjoyed a wonderful live performance. No anti-vaxxers allowed and what a wonderful audience. Thank you to all those reasonable good neighbors who were willing to follow the protocols.

Blue Onion Dec 15, 2021 04:04 PM
Nutcracker Athletics

FITZ: Nice photo, but ignorant, inaccurate post... I'm sure there were plenty of "anti-vaxxers" (which, I'm sure led to you having a "wonderful audience" in attendance, including a few of the anti-vaxed staff...
All ticket holders are required to provide proof of being fully vaccinated.
Supply a professionally administered negative Covid-19 test result, for each event, taken within one day for antigen tests and two days for PCR tests.

Blue Onion Dec 15, 2021 04:11 PM
Nutcracker Athletics

Oh yes, I'd like to add; I'm fully vaxxed, with booster. My daughter (40) is flying (in a plane, haha) in January, and is simply having a Covid test, to be allowed on flight. Oh, and did you hear! Someone who is fully vaxxed can still pass a virus to you - run for the hills!

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