National Infant Immunization Week

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Source: City of Santa Barbara

The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department is joining the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization in recognizing April 25 – May 2, 2022 as National Infant Immunization Week (NIIW). The focus is on the importance of protecting children two years and younger from vaccine-preventable diseases (VPDs). Through immunization, we can protect infants and children from 14 vaccine-preventable diseases before age two.

Vaccines are among the most successful and cost-effective public health tools available for preventing disease and death. Vaccination is a shared responsibility. Families, healthcare professionals, and public health officials must work together to help protect the entire community. Public and private medical providers are an essential link to preventing the spread of COVID-19 and can take steps in protecting children in their practices by making COVID-19 vaccine available during all patient visits. VPDs are only preventable when vaccines are administered.

Immunization saves millions of lives every year but, still, there are more than 19 million under-vaccinated people. COVID-19 has caused many disruptions in families’ lives – and in some cases, it has meant that children have missed or delayed their wellness checkups and vaccination, which are a critical part of ensuring children stay healthy. The CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that children stay on track with their well-child appointments and routine vaccinations. It’s not to early for parents to make sure their children are current with vaccinations before the start of childcare or school.

Most health plans are required to cover recommended vaccines at all ages without charging a deductible or copayment. Any child without coverage should be able to get vaccinations without a financial burden. Parents can contact their health care provider or local public health department for information about the Vaccines for Children Program (VFC), which provides free vaccines to eligible kids. For more information, please visit

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Olde Mann Apr 27, 2022 09:30 PM
National Infant Immunization Week

What I can't figure out is, if the vaccines are effective, why are people still afraid of the unvaccinated?

Mebk Apr 26, 2022 10:28 AM
National Infant Immunization Week

Santa Barbara observer: you are so very right.according to EWG
Chemicals and pollutants detected in human umbilical cord blood

class icon Mercury (Hg) - tested for 1, found 1
Pollutant from coal-fired power plants, mercury-containing products, and certain industrial processes. Accumulates in seafood. Harms brain development and function.
class icon Polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) - tested for 18, found 9
Pollutants from burning gasoline and garbage. Linked to cancer. Accumulates in food chain.
class icon Polybrominated dibenzodioxins and furans (PBDD/F) - tested for 12, found 7
Contaminants in brominated flame retardants. Pollutants and byproducts from plastic production and incineration. Accumulate in food chain. Toxic to developing endocrine (hormone) system
class icon Perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) - tested for 12, found 9
Active ingredients or breakdown products of Teflon, Scotchgard, fabric and carpet protectors, food wrap coatings. Global contaminants. Accumulate in the environment and the food chain. Linked to cancer, birth defects, and more.
class icon Polychlorinated dibenzodioxins and furans (PCDD/F) - tested for 17, found 11
Pollutants, by-products of PVC production, industrial bleaching, and incineration. Cause cancer in humans. Persist for decades in the environment. Very toxic to developing endocrine (hormone) system.
class icon Organochlorine pesticides (OCs) - tested for 28, found 21
DDT, chlordane and other pesticides. Largely banned in the U.S. Persist for decades in the environment. Accumulate up the food chain, to man. Cause cancer and numerous reproductive effects.
class icon Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) - tested for 46, found 32
Flame retardant in furniture foam, computers, and televisions. Accumulates in the food chain and human tissues. Adversely affects brain development and the thyroid.
class icon Polychlorinated Naphthalenes (PCNs) - tested for 70, found 50
Wood preservatives, varnishes, machine lubricating oils, waste incineration. Common PCB contaminant. Contaminate the food chain. Cause liver and kidney damage.
class icon Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) - tested for 209, found 147
Industrial insulators and lubricants. Banned in the U.S. in 1976. Persist for decades in the environment. Accumulate up the food chain, to man. Cause cancer and nervous system problems.

SantaBarbaraObserver Apr 26, 2022 10:23 AM
National Infant Immunization Week

If there is an environmental reason for a rise in Autism, its likely from the immense amount of chemicals that American woman put onto and into their bodies, daily. Whether its makeup, lotions and potions, hair dyes, OTC meds like Tylenol or the latest diet trends... The quantity of bad stuff that a modern American consumes is astounding. We are surrounded by chemicals that do us harm. Most of us spend every hour breathing the off-gasses of untold number of chemicals and products. Its been proven that the micro plastics are now in our blood stream. There are hundreds if not thousands of these forever chemicals floating in our bodies and our homes. But to the avg Daytime TV watching, FB consuming idiot, its the VaCCinEs!

a-1650994415 Apr 26, 2022 10:33 AM
National Infant Immunization Week

Very relevant and on point comment SBO, but did you really have to go and disparage others with that completely unnecessary, stereotypical and blanket statement with that last sentence? It completely cheapens everything else you have to say.

a-1650940395 Apr 25, 2022 07:33 PM
National Infant Immunization Week

I’ll be curious how the anti-vaxer movement due to pandemic misinformation affects childhood immunizations. I hope it doesn’t, but a sizable amount of people seem so ignorant these days. I hope they don’t think Bill Gates is microchipping their infants.

a-1651015118 Apr 26, 2022 04:18 PM
National Infant Immunization Week

Nope. Fauci said nothing about 100% transmission prevention. And what he said was absolutely true about protection from severe illness and death. You're gradually backtracking toward reality, though.

a-1651013101 Apr 26, 2022 03:45 PM
National Infant Immunization Week

Nothing is 100% (I agree with you there) and I never wrote that any of them were 100%. But you know who did.... Fauci! “The vaccine is extremely effective.... and virtually 100% effective against death” actual words out of his mouth to the public. "The vaccines were all 100 per cent effective in the vaccine trials in stopping hospitalizations and death. " the doctors (Fauci) on Mr Biden’s team wrote ..... Yet at no time did any data lead a rational person, let alone expert in the field, to say 100%, yet they did....

a-1651011552 Apr 26, 2022 03:19 PM
National Infant Immunization Week

2:42 - Nope. You've been duped. The purpose of vaccines is to prevent serious illness and death. None has ever been 100% effective at preventing transmission. Nobody has changed the definition except the antivax liars.

a-1651009366 Apr 26, 2022 02:42 PM
National Infant Immunization Week

False 2:21, the usual vaccines people took before covid are highly effective at preventing transmission; polio, MM&R, TB, chicken pox, etc. What you're referring to is the new definition of vaccines as of 2021. The CDC literally changed the definition on their website when the vaccines weren't working as originally touted. This is after the Director of the CDC went on MSNBC and said "Our data from the CDC today suggests, you know, that vaccinated people do not carry the virus, don't get sick, and that it's not just in the clinical trials but it's also in real-world data" and of course "You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations," - President Joe Biden.

a-1651008077 Apr 26, 2022 02:21 PM
National Infant Immunization Week

9:37 - It seems you don't know what the purpose of vaccines has always been. They aren't aimed at stopping transmission, though that's a nice byproduct of some of them, but to stop severe illness and death. The antivaxxers like to spread that FUD, though.

a-1650991027 Apr 26, 2022 09:37 AM
National Infant Immunization Week

8:35, Had the vaccines stopped transmission (as originally touted) I'd tend to agree, but with you currently thinking those who aren't vaccinated are causing more vaccinated to die is just anti-science and anti-data. I'd look closely and the new data showing negative efficacy starting several months after the booster shots initial "boost" as well as the data in highly vaccinated populations. You're free to get protected and boosted as many times as you'd like.

a-1650987496 Apr 26, 2022 08:38 AM
National Infant Immunization Week

We do not yet know the exact causes of autism, though father's age is a risk factor. Autism may or may not be on the rise, but you know what is undeniably on the rise? Early and more accurate testing, social acceptance, early intervention, and ongoing treatment for autism. Much like how cancer is not necessarily, on the whole, rising, but instead more cases are caught these days due to medical advances.

a-1650987354 Apr 26, 2022 08:35 AM
National Infant Immunization Week

11:05pm, I too thought this way when the vaccine was brand new. I've changed my tune. Those who haven't had the vaccine are antivaxxers, whether they want to admit it or not. How many more people have to die?

a-1650953151 Apr 25, 2022 11:05 PM
National Infant Immunization Week

Do not confuse anti-vaccine mandaters and the healthy c19-vaccine-hesitant (particularly for our children) with anti-vaxxers.

a-1650950448 Apr 25, 2022 10:20 PM
National Infant Immunization Week

Autism has no connection to vaccination except in the alternate reality universe. Autism is on the rise because more people are waiting to have children until they are older, and the incidence of autism increases with the age of the father.

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