Motorcyclist Killed in Carpinteria Traffic Collision

Motorcyclist Killed in Carpinteria Traffic Collision title=
Motorcyclist Killed in Carpinteria Traffic Collision
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Source: Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office

At approximately 6:00 a.m. on March 15, 2019, a motorcyclist was killed in a two-vehicle collision that occurred in the City of Carpinteria. The collision, involving a blue BMW R1200RS motorcycle and a green Ford F150 pickup truck occurred at the intersection of Highway 150 and Via Real. The BMW motorcycle was traveling westbound on Highway 150 and the Ford pickup truck was turning from Highway 150 onto Via Real when both vehicles entered the intersection and collided. 

The rider of the BMW motorcycle has been identified as 43-year-old Richard Cramer of Ojai. Following the collision, paramedics performed life-saving measures on Cramer, but he was pronounced deceased at the scene. His next of kin has been notified.

The Ford pickup truck was driven by a 47-year-old male resident of Oxnard. He was not injured in the collision and remained at the scene to cooperate with the investigating deputies.

The Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Major Accident Response Team is investigating this collision to determine its cause and whether alcohol and/or drugs were a factor. Anyone with information regarding this collision is asked to call Deputy John DeLeon at 805-961-7519, or send him an email at To leave an anonymous tip, please call 805-681-4171 or go to 

The City of Carpinteria contracts with the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office for law enforcement services.

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Debi Bartlett Mar 23, 2019 02:22 PM
Motorcyclist Killed in Carpinteria Traffic Collision

Thank for your above comments. I am Rick's mother and I am completely horrified at this totally careless and senseless act. My life and my family's lives will be forever changed. Right now I despise the individual who pulled out in front of my son. My son was an experienced, trained and safe motorcyclist. Had he had time, he would have laid it down. As my grieving daughter in law has said, "ride on my sweet man, ride on" I will love you forever.

photodude Mar 16, 2019 02:37 PM
Motorcyclist Killed in Carpinteria Traffic Collision

I used to ride a motorcycle. In the dirt, they are quite safe, even if you go down. Not on the road. There are two kinds of automobile drivers: those that don't see motorcycles, and those who are out to get motorcyclists. I have experienced both. Automobile drivers are looking for other cars. A motorcycle is not a car, and gets filtered out by the brain. I have had car drivers look directly at me, then perform a maneuver just like I wasn't there. I also had one driver drive intentionally run me off the road with no provocation, i.e., I had never seen him before. I guess he just didn't like motorcyclists. I have also been on the other side, where in a roundabout, I entered and didn't see a motorcyclist until the very last minute and applied the brakes. Again, mentally, I was looking for a car in the roundabout.

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