Montecito Mudslide Photos

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Montecito Mudslide Photos
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Railroad tracks in Montecito (Mike Eliason Photo)

Edhat readers share their storm photos from Montecito and Santa Barbara. Early Tuesday morning the area was inundated with heavy rains, causing mudslides and flooding from the recent Thomas Fire burn area. Several people have died, many homes destroyed, and extensive damage has been done to the Montecito community.

By Mike Eliason of Santa Barbara County Fire Department

A Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Rescue Vehicle is staged while trying to get past vehicles on Hot Springs Road in Montecito.

A vehicle was wrapped and tangled around a tree by the force of deadly flood waters on Hot Springs Road in Montecito.

Damage to guest cottages at the storied San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito due to deadly mudflow from overnight heavy rain.

The US 101 Freeway at the Olive Mill Road overpass flooded with runoff water from Montecito Creek.

Damaged vehicles carried by mudflow and debris at the exit of the parking garage to The Montecito Inn at the corner of Olive Mill and Coast Village Road.

The main line of the Union Pacific Railroad through Montecito is blocked with mudflow and debris due to heavy rains.

The US 101 Freeway at the Olive Mill Road overpass flooded with runoff water from Montecito Creek.

Scene from the 300 block of Hot Springs Road in Montecito following debris and mud flow due to heavy rain.

By J Hall

Pictures of Montecito and the 101 off Olive Mill Rd.

By Ellen DeGeneres via Twitter
This is not a river. This is the 101 freeway in my neighborhood right now. Montecito needs your love and support.

By an edhat subscriber

Cold Springs trailhead

Debris washed into front yard of home on Olive Mill Rd. The home was searched for victims.

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John Wiley Jan 09, 2018 09:06 PM
Montecito Mudslide Photos

This is a great collection of photos! Thanks to Ed and everyone who shared them. There's a link to this page from SBitZ.NET along with a few more pix.

Roger Jan 09, 2018 07:26 PM
Montecito Mudslide Photos

There are fires burning in Montecito firefighters are putting them out. Structure Fire 1800 Block of East Mountain...

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