Man Arrested for Exposing Himself

Source: Santa Barbara Police Department

On November 30, 2019, around 12:30 P.M., Santa Barbara Police Dispatch received numerous 911 calls reporting a male exposing himself to female juveniles.

The incident occurred in the 600 block of State Street near Starbucks Coffee. The suspect left the area prior to the juveniles telling their parent what happened. All available Officers responded and flooded the area to search for the suspect.

Officers driving in the area of State Street and Cota Street observed a subject matching the description. The subject was detained. Bryant Colby Sluder (DOB: 06/1988) was positively identified as the culprit.

Probation placed a “no bail” detainer on Sluder for his alleged crimes. 

Police have released a photo of Sluder in the event other victims recognize the subject and wish to report prior criminal activity.


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  1. Good news that he got “the attention” he deserves. Sad news that his brain is so messed up. Hopefully the juveniles who witnessed his display will understand that this is a mentally ill individual and not feel too upset. Over the years, beginning when I was age five or so, I have seen such displays and each time it was a shock. Except for the first time, when my neighborhood playmates and I thought happily that the young adult was entertaining us. My Mother, when she found out, grabbed a rolling pin and went out after the guy. He is lucky she never caught up with him. In my late 20s I discovered some of my female friends had never had a stranger expose himself to them in public. Others of us were amazed. By late 20s many of us had each seen this type of insanity several times over.

  2. The suspect is dangerous. Definitely not his ‘first rodeo’. Here’s a link to his criminal record located in the North Carolina Court Records. Keep in mind that he may very well have criminal records in other jurisdictions as well. Criminal cases in North Carolina for Bryant Colby Sluder:
    I know the family this happened to and am outraged by it. Even though you said you hope the juveniles understand he’s mentally ill (how do you know this?) and hope they were not too upset, I can assure you that the victims were deeply traumatized by this incident. Please note that on his ‘rap sheet’ in the link, above, the DA in North Carolina dismissed the charge of indecent exposure with the right to reinstate the charges at a later time. This is all too common in our legal system that the courts try and clear cases by either dismissing them till later or accept a ‘slap on the wrist’ plea deal to make it go away. And now, here we are………the guy they let go 2 years ago is here in Santa Barbara exposing himself once again. The DA here in Santa Barbara better not make the same mistake as North Carolina. This guy needs to go down hard.

  3. I find your comments odd, to say the least. In your first post you assert that he has mental illness, which you have no way of knowing. In the same post you go on to say that the first time you witnessed this you “happily thought” that you were being entertained. Oh really?? No kid would ever think that way. Then you continue on to say that you and your friends were ‘amazed’ to discover that some of your female friends hadn’t experienced indecent exposure. Indecent exposure is nowhere near as prevelent as you portray, although there is admittedly too much of it. Honestly, you make quite an attempt to normalize it, excuse it and dismiss it as seemingly not a big deal, Oh, and by the way, the last time I heard about a mother going after someone with a rolling pin was in a Charlie Chaplin movie. Sounds completely made up to me. You’re identifying a bit too much with the perpetrator for my comfort………….

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