Man Arrested for Burglarizing Dargan's and Oreana

Man Arrested for Burglarizing Dargan's and Oreana title=
Man Arrested for Burglarizing Dargan's and Oreana
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Source: Santa Barbara Police Department

On January 2, 2018, at 0436 hours, Santa Barbara Police Officers responded to an alarm call at Dargan's Irish Pub at 18 E. Ortega Street.  Brian Christopher Schotz, age 43, was detained by officers while attempting to leave the area.  Schotz, who was already on probation for a prior burglary, matched the description of the suspect depicted in security video from a different burglary earlier this morning.  Schotz was found to be in possession of a large amount of cash, gloves, and methamphetamine.  In the shrubbery nearby was a cash register from Dargan's and a crowbar resembling the one depicted in the video from the other burglary.

Subsequently, officers pieced together a string of related burglaries that began in the Funk Zone with Oreana Winery at 205 Anacapa Street at 0327 hours and Test Pilot Tiki Bar a block away at 211 Helena Avenue at 0328 hours.  Entry was made via the front doors of both businesses and appeared to have been done in a similar way to the entry at Dargan's.  Nothing was taken from Oreana, but surveillance video showed a person resembling Schotz who was wearing gloves and carrying a crowbar.

Schotz was booked at County Jail for the burglaries at Oreana and Dargan's.  Additional felony charges are pending.

Two empty cash register drawers are still missing from the burglaries at Test Pilot and Dargan‘s. If anyone locates these empty register drawers please contact Detective Thompson at 805-897-2325.

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oops Jan 03, 2018 06:56 AM
Man Arrested for Burglarizing Dargan's and Oreana

I am surprised that establishments leave cash drawers filled these days. It was our policy to put all cash in the safe and leave the register drawers open.
It's really a shame what is happening in our community, we've had a murder, stabbing and string of burglaries in just the first new week of 2018

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