Lompoc Woman Receives Annual Arts Leadership Award

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Source: County of Santa Barbara


The Santa Barbara County Office of Arts and Culture is pleased to share that Vicki Andersen is the recipient of the Santa Barbara County Arts Commission 2017 “Leadership in the Arts Award” for her significant impact on the arts and culture in our county. Fourth District County Supervisor Peter Adam recognized Andersen for her work at a recent meeting of the Board of Supervisors, plus she will be honored throughout the year by the Arts Commission at various events, including the North County Arts Symposium on November 3.

The Leadership in the Arts Award was established in 2006 by the County Arts Commission as an annual award “to honor and recognize individuals or organizations that have made a significant impact on the arts and culture of our region through innovative thinking and exemplary commitment to promoting advancing and sustaining our quality of life through the Arts.” Established in 1977, the Arts Commission is a 15-member panel with three representatives appointed by each of the five County district supervisors.

Vicki Andersen has provided decades of stewardship for the Lompoc Community, serving as an officer and member of the Lompoc Valley Arts Council, which provides a monthly forum for representatives from local arts and culture organizations to collaborate on programming and share resources that benefit local residents, students and cultural practitioners. She served as a founding member of Lompoc Mural Society, which represents Santa Barbara County in the Global Mural Arts & Cultural TourismAssociation as well as the California Public Art & Mural Society.

In Lompoc, Andersen has personally overseen the storage, maintenance, preservation and promotion of murals including the establishment of Lompoc’s Arts and Culture Weekend, which opened the world-renowned mural-making program to the public. She is also known for her vivid impressionistic paintings and tremendous canon of visual art. Andersen’s vast portfolio includes the 12-foot by 48-foot "Mission Vieja" mural that depicts and commemorates Lompoc´s Lost Mission. She contributes to art and culture throughout the County of Santa Barbara, including the Santa Ynez Valley “Quick Draw” arts festival, which is now in its 30th year.

Andersen will be recognized at the upcoming Arts Commission “Arts Coffee,” a town hall event that is free and open to the public taking place at noonWednesday, July 12at the Elverhoj Museum in Solvang. Third District County Supervisor Joan Hartmann and members of the Arts Commission will also be attending the Arts Coffee.

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