Lompoc Police Investigating Shooting and Homicide

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Source: Lompoc Police Department

Case# : 202101-1701

Press Release Date: 01/20/2021 11:35 AM

Location : Area above the riverbed in the 1800 block of North H Street

Crime/Offense : 187(a) PC - Homicide

Summary :

On 1/20/21 at approximately 1135 am, the Lompoc Police Department received numerous calls of a shooting victim in the encampment area above the riverbed in the 1800 block of North H Street. Officers located a 46-year-old male victim with multiple gunshot wounds. Attempts were made to medically treat the victim but they were unsuccessful and he was pronounced deceased at the scene. A male subject was seen leaving the area of shooting on a bicycle. Lompoc Police Officers and Santa Barbara County Sheriff Deputies searched for the subject but he was not located. The reason for the shooting is unknown but it does not appear to be gang related. 

Anyone in the area at the time of the shooting with personal dashboard cameras or residential cameras are asked to contact the Lompoc Police Department.

Case# : 202101-1763

Press Release Date : 01/20/2021 7:36 PM

Location : 700 Block of W. Laurel Ave.

Crime/Offense : Shooting Investigation

Summary :

On 01/20/21, at approximately 7:36 PM, LPD Officers responded to the 700 block of W. Laurel Ave. for reports of shots fired in the area. Upon arrival Officers located evidence of a shooting and a 12 year old, male gunshot victim in the area. The investigation revealed that the victim was not believed to be the intended target of the shooting. The victim was airlifted to a local trauma center and is currently listed in stable condition. It is unknown if this shooting is gang related at this time. This is an ongoing investigation anyone with information is urged to contact the Lompoc Police Department at 805-736-2341.

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JB86 Jan 21, 2021 07:29 PM
Lompoc Police Investigating Shooting and Homicide

There seemed to be a hard-press on by law enforcement in Lompoc today, with a dozen or more Sheriff's deputies deployed to supplement LPD. Lots of vehicle stops, warrant checks, some arrests. A few foot pursuits, one in progress right now, for a fleeing subject, on E Street. Seems the focus is on gang activities related to events of the past week.

ParvoPup Jan 21, 2021 08:03 PM
Lompoc Police Investigating Shooting and Homicide

More stupid turf wars. As if any of these mooks actually own any turf. They only happen to live on that block because where their Mom could get a Housing Voucher and yet they are willing to shoot at one another defending property they will never own.

JB86 Jan 21, 2021 09:25 PM
Lompoc Police Investigating Shooting and Homicide

Paevoup. Yes, it is pretty crazy and hard to understand. But, fact is, it happens and cops do their best to contain and control it, but cannot eradicate the problem. They can only respond. My opinion is that it starts with parents, too many of whom continue to fail, and not understand or even care. No end in sight; the gangs will continue to exploit the failure of these parents.

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