Local Teen Donates Birthday Money to Animal Shelter

Source: Santa Barbara Humane Society

Foster Smith, a local teenager, celebrated his fourteenth birthday by making a generous donation to the Santa Barbara Humane Society. Foster asked that instead of bringing gifts for himself, guests to his birthday party bring donations of toys, food, and other necessities for the cats and dogs waiting to be adopted at the Santa Barbara Humane Society. On Saturday, September 29 Foster brought the donations to the Humane Society’s campus.

Shelter employees and volunteers were impressed with Foster’s generosity and selflessness. “What a wonderful way for this young man to show his love and compassion for animals and our community,” said Santa Barbara Humane Society Executive Director Kerri Burns. “We are so thankful to him for such a selfless act and so proud of the shining example of generosity and kindness he sets.”

While Foster’s party was off site, the Santa Barbara Humane Society is available as avenue for birthday parties and other events.

About Santa Barbara Humane Society
The Santa Barbara Humane Society is dedicated to the welfare of animals and strives to provide a safe haven for homeless dogs and cats while we actively seek forever homes for them. The Society serves the community with a shelter, animal adoption services, a spay/neuter and vaccination clinic, humane education center, boarding kennels, and emergency response services. Visit sbhumanesociety.org, see Facebook and Instagram, or call (805) 964-4777, or visit us at 5399 Overpass Road, Santa Barbara


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  1. 2nd that awesomeness! So great that he wants to help homeless animals. There are also many other rescue organizations out there to help, most of who do not have $30,000,000 in the bank like the Humane Society. It’s pretty easy to check out who has the most resources available through the Guidestar website and looking at the latest filed 990 form from 2016.

  2. Congratulations, Foster, for your act of kindness. So the H.S. has 30 mil, that sounds like the national organization, not just our local one. I saw a video of a dog rescue organization where people donated big comfy chairs for the dogs to have in their pen. Lovely to see dogs curled up in a chair.

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