Las Positas and Modoc Roads Multi-Use Path Construction Update

Las Positas and Modoc Roads Multi-Use Path Construction Update title=
Las Positas and Modoc Roads Multi-Use Path Construction Update
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Source: City of Santa Barbara

The Las Positas and Modoc Roads Multiuse Path Project (Project) provides a 2.6 mile-long separated pathway for bicyclists, runners, and pedestrians of all ages and abilities along Las Positas and Modoc Roads. This path provides critical local and regional connections. Construction began in late September 2020, with an estimated 18-month construction duration, which also includes the planting of replacement trees and landscaping.

The City’s contractor, Rasmussen, has now completed installation of the concrete barrier walls, retaining walls, and concrete box culvert for stormwater conveyance. Concrete curbs and retaining curbs have also been constructed just south of the Las Positas and Richelle Lane intersection up to the intersection of Las Positas and Veronica Springs. The concrete paved portion of the path has been completed, remaining sections have been graded and the placement of aggregate base has begun. Once the placement of aggregate base has been completed the project will be ready for the final
asphalt concrete surfacing.

All paving along the path is scheduled to be completed by the end of October. Following the paving will be the installation of handrails on top of the concrete barrier walls and guardrails The landscape portion of this project, is also scheduled to begin upon completion of the path pavement work.

Traffic control and the temporary striping on Las Positas Road between Modoc Road and Cliff Drive continue to remain in place. The public is reminded that the speed limit is reduced to 35-mph, and traffic has shifted to allow enough buffer for construction work to occur safely. Drivers must temporarily share the road with cyclists and proceed cautiously within the Las Positas corridor during construction.

The City thanks the public for their continued cooperation and patience during construction of this important Vision Zero Project. For more information, please visit the Project website:

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a-1632937235 Sep 29, 2021 10:40 AM
Las Positas and Modoc Roads Multi-Use Path Construction Update

It looks like it was going at a decent pace but for the last month it doesn’t look like much is getting done come on City get on it let’s get this rolling and finished Or is this where the contractor milks the city that doesn’t know what’s going on for extras? Actually Los Positas might be a County Road?

SBTownie Sep 29, 2021 11:31 AM
Las Positas and Modoc Roads Multi-Use Path Construction Update

I believe it is county, as is Modoc where they are also putting in bike path. Modoc really seems to be stalled out, too. Drove it the other day to check progress from 6 months go and it looked like nothing had changed.

SBTownie Sep 29, 2021 07:44 PM
Las Positas and Modoc Roads Multi-Use Path Construction Update

Well Tagdes to be honest my vision is really going south these days and I struggle to get through any articles at all so sometimes I just read the comments. As I used to live in Hidden Valley, which was unincorporated county, I assumed the commenter I responded to could be onto something. When I am reading I am constantly losing focus, blinking numerous, and struggling to regain focus. I can no longer watch TV at any distance. I visited the opthamologist about three weeks ago and am considering correction on one eye but for now I'm waiting on some prescription lenses which can hopefully allow me to trial monovision correction to see if it will work for me. To top it off, I have an autoimmune disease that attacks my tear producing glands so my eyes are incredibly dry and that makes reading very difficult, too, even prior to the sudden decline in my vision. I am able to use Restasis a few times a week which has really helped, but I pretty much can't see anything for the first 30 minutes of the day so, yeah, you could say I have not been reading as much as I used to.

bosco Sep 29, 2021 01:35 PM
Las Positas and Modoc Roads Multi-Use Path Construction Update

As a cyclist, I was hoping this would make Las Positas safer. I guess if I'm cruising with my family I'll take the path. But road cyclists doing 20+ mph should still stick to the bike lane on the street level. I guess that's fine and I'm still all for this path, but I was hoping this would take all non automotive traffic off the street.

Snorky Sep 29, 2021 03:12 PM
Las Positas and Modoc Roads Multi-Use Path Construction Update

Right. But might be better than what they did with the Hollister path (past Costco) has to stop every block, makes it useless for bicyclists. And Yes, I do stop at stop signs, but that bike path on Hollister makes it ridiculous. These should have less stops. @bosco had to re-read, was thinking you put +20 kph...not mph, I'll be over 20 mph with a strong tailwind.

SBTownie Sep 29, 2021 07:48 PM
Las Positas and Modoc Roads Multi-Use Path Construction Update

A law is coming through the state legislature that will make it legal for bicyclists to not stop at stop signs. So far it's advancing. Good news because I agree it's absurd to have to stop for all stop signs especially when you can tell no one is coming for a mile around.

Ahchooo Sep 29, 2021 04:03 PM
Las Positas and Modoc Roads Multi-Use Path Construction Update

It’s kind of odd that bikes will be allowed on the multi-use path, but there will also be bike paths on both sides of the road. I can see that kids and slow riders will be much safer on the multi-use path, but I hope that fast bikes don’t mow down pedestrians. Will there be a speed limit posted for the multi-use paths? (not that there would be anyone around to enforce such a limit, so it might be pointless).

bosco Sep 29, 2021 04:36 PM
Las Positas and Modoc Roads Multi-Use Path Construction Update

I think it's going to depend on how busy it is. I posted earlier that I think most road cyclists will still need to stick to the bike lane on the road as they will likely be going too fast. Unfortunately, there just aren't very many good solutions for road cyclists other than bike lanes. The bike path from Ojai to Ventura is a good example. When it's not too busy, cyclists can fly through pretty fast but still there is a need to be vigilant and slow down when other people are on the trail. If it's busy, it just doesn't make sense for some bikers to be on the path.

That stretch of Los Positas was always a fun fast run on the bike (especially heading down towards the ocean). The smart thing to do for bikers will be to stick to the road (even more so for group rides). I predict people will complain either way.

bicyclist Sep 30, 2021 09:19 AM
Las Positas and Modoc Roads Multi-Use Path Construction Update

Mainly had an exception to the "mow down pedestrians" part of the comment.
I wanted to "Defend" other bikers, but on my last jaunt up State street from the "East side" on the way to the AT&T store, I witnessed 4 Morons blow thru stop signs almost getting hit by a driver that had the right of way. Also 3 Dumb @sses running red lights, my favorite one of those was at State & Hope where he was going West(?) with at least 15 autos stopped at the light in that direction as well as another cyclist stopped there that he had to go around to blow the light. I was going East(?) stopped at the light waiting patiently, so I had a clear view of the light colors on Hope. So as he blows thru that red a black Suburban(?) that was coming down Hope with the green light stopped just in time as to NOT delete the IDIOT, he sat there for some time probably waiting to see?
I made mention to said MORON, as well as the other IDIOTS, that they were not dong IT correctly. All this happened during an approximately time span of 40 mins.
So apparently there are some people(?) that don't give a "hit about anyone/thing other than themselves...
/end rant

Ahlia Sep 30, 2021 08:09 AM
Las Positas and Modoc Roads Multi-Use Path Construction Update

What a nice wide path they are making for all of us ! It is very exciting to see the progress being made. All these new bike/pedestrian paths have been many years in the making/planning and I am so glad to see them finally becoming a reality for our community :-)

CreekMoe Sep 30, 2021 11:30 AM
Las Positas and Modoc Roads Multi-Use Path Construction Update

Nice photos. But not sure if one shows a fence across Las Positas?

But there should have been a mention about the snafus? Or the city
left two blocks of the path on Modoc below Veronica Springs road in
prep state after rest of path done. or a pile of gravel left the path section

and the corners at few intersections had to be torn out to put in ramps
along Modoc Rd. Also, the red cones go from inside to outside the bikeways.

now all the city has to do is prune the northbound trees of debris. and go the
rest of the way to La Cumbre and the UCSB bike way ? Phase 4?

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