Landing Gear Malfunction at Santa Barbara Airport

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Source: Santa Barbara City Fire Department

On Thursday, June 23rd at approximately 7:30 pm, The Santa Barbara Police Combined Communications Center was notified of a potential aircraft emergency at the Santa Barbara Municipal Airport. Santa Barbara City Fire Department responded with Aircraft Rescue Firefighters and The Santa Barbara County Fire Department responded with two fire engines, one truck company, and a Battalion Chief.

The pilot of a 1979 Cessna fixed-wing single-engine plane reported a landing gear malfunction.

Rescue crews staged as the plane landed without the left wheel landing gear in place. The aircraft came to a stop on Runway 25 with the left-wing and tail wing striking the runway surface.

The pilot was able to safely self-extricate from the aircraft and he did not sustain any injuries. F

irefighters identified and mitigated a small hydraulic fluid leak. Airport Patrol and Airport Operations confirmed there was no damage to the runway. Commercial flights were diverted from the airport for approximately one hour.

The incident is currently under investigation by the FAA.

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