JLSB Funds Anti-Human Trafficking Technology for Police

Source: Santa Barbara Police Department

The Junior League of Santa Barbara (JLSB), on behalf of their traffickSTOP Santa Barbara County campaign, is excited to announce the funding and procurement of vital anti-trafficking technology for use by the Santa Barbara Police Department (SBPD). This tool is designed for use by law enforcement with the specific purpose of aiding the investigative process in commercial exploitation cases. SBPD detectives will have on-demand access to the technology. Any evidence procured as a result of the technology is captured, catalogued, and stored securely for the SBPD to use in investigations and the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s Office to use in any subsequent legal proceedings.

“Putting an end to these awful crimes involves a multifaceted approach with a variety of experts and professionals. The Junior League of Santa Barbara is honored to partner with the Santa Barbara Police Department in their frontline efforts to identify, investigate, and hopefully, prosecute traffickers and buyers.” – Lindsay Cortina, Junior League of Santa Barbara President.

The League worked with the Human Trafficking Task Force (HTTF) and the SBPD to identify the need for this technology, which will go to directly assisting the SBPD in their investigative process. In addition, SBPD Detectives spend a great deal of time collecting and organizing evidence for use in Human Trafficking cases. This technology will capture and catalog data for use throughout the entire lifecycle of the investigation.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department acquired this technology almost three years ago and has seen substantial progress in its investigative process and collection of evidence.

In conjunction with National Human Trafficking Awareness Month this past January, the League launched traffickSTOPTM, an awareness campaign aimed at helping our community KNOW the facts, KNOW the signs, and KNOW and what to do if a case of trafficking is suspected. The League is purchasing the technology as part of their awareness efforts and to assist law enforcement response to aiding those identified as “commercially sexually exploited children” (CESC) and those identified as vulnerable and at highest risk in our Santa Barbara community.

Those interested in learning more about the Junior League of Santa Barbara’s work towards ending sexual exploitation and trafficking of at-risk youth in our Santa Barbara community can visit JLSantaBarbara.org or contact (805) 963-2704 or Office@JLSantaBarbara.org.


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