Hope Elementary School District Budget Announcement

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Hope Elementary School Disctrict Superintendent Anne Hubbard announces district cuts and reductions to enable a budget for 2017-2018 in order to keep all campuses open.

From Anne Hubbard, Superintendent, Hope Elementary School District:

As many people know, Hope ESD faced a severe budget crisis this fall. As the district faced this dire situation the board was requested to examine and consider many possible solutions, including a request from teachers to explore the possibility of closing a school campus.

The decision to close a campus is one which would not be taken lightly nor easily. It would involve several studies, data collection, and multiple opportunities for community input. The district has since enacted cuts and reductions enabling the creation of a budget for 2017-18 which can show the required 4% reserve.

We will continue to thrive as a three-school district, providing our students with an excellent and enriched educational experience. Community members wanting to get involved in supporting the district are encouraged to join the Hope Educational School District Foundation (www.HSDEF.org).

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