Heal the Ocean Remembers Bill Poehler

Heal the Ocean Remembers Bill Poehler title=
Bill Poehler (courtesy photo)
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Beloved HTO Friend Dies in Bicycle Accident

William (“Bill”) Poehler has been a friend to Heal the Ocean for years. He called us up one day and told us about his family foundation, the Poehler-Stremel Charitable Trust in St. Paul, Minnesota, and wanted us to apply for funding. Which we did. Years ago. Every year, he’d send a note to remind us to apply again. In this way, the Poehler-Stremel Charitable Trust has paid for the printing of Heal the Ocean’s newsletters and E-letters (including this one) since 2010.

He was an avid bicyclist, belonging to a team of friends who would ride regularly and often. He lived with his beloved wife Pam and daughter Lily, who came with Bill to our events. He was a quiet, unassuming gentleman who painted watercolors (some of which we published) and played music. Bill, Pam, and Lily were instrumental in the campaign to save the San Marcos Foothills. Bill was riding bikes with friends when he struck something in the road, and the resulting accident tragically took his life. We will miss him, and our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, Pam, and daughter, Lily.

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spearo Jun 03, 2022 09:50 AM
Heal the Ocean Remembers Bill Poehler

Mr. Poehler was also a great science teacher and one of the few I have fond memories of at SBJHS. He had the class brew root beer as one of the experiments I remember. And if he caught you rocking in your chair he had 2 2x4's nailed together into a T that became your chair for the rest of the period. He was also the first person that I heard speak about having his family name changed because of a typo at Ellis Island when they immigrated here.

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