Goleta's End of Year Community Message

Goleta's End of Year Community Message title=
Mayor Paula Perotte, Councilmember Kyle Richards, and Councilmember Stuart Kasdin holding their Oaths of Office after being sworn in at home during virtual ceremony.
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Source: City of Goleta

At the final Goleta City Council meeting for 2020, Mayor Paula Perotte, Councilmembers Kyle Richards and Stuart Kasdin were sworn in marking the official beginning to their new four-year term. Goleta City Clerk Deborah Clerk conducted the official Oaths of Office ceremony during the virtual meeting which was followed by comments from Mayor Perotte and Councilmembers Kasdin and Richards, all of whom were re-elected.

Mayor Perotte acknowledged the installation ceremony may have been different than usual but was still special.  She said, “We are used to being at City Hall where we are sworn in and can then mingle with our constituents, but it went really well.  Who would have thought we would have been sworn in our own homes?”  Mayor Perotte, thanked community members for coming out in record numbers to vote.  “She said, no matter who you voted for the important thing is that you voted because every vote matters.”

To watch the swearing in ceremony, click here and press the play button.

Following the Oaths of Office ceremony, the Council selected Councilmember James Kyriaco as the new Mayor Pro Tempore for a one-year term.  The job of the Mayor Pro Tempore is to exercise the Mayor’s authority in the case of absence, disability or vacancy in office.  The Mayor Pro Tempore can sign executive documents, preside over the City Council meetings and represent the City in the same capacity of the Mayor, if needed.

At the meeting, the Mayor and Council also shared the new End of the Year Community Video Message with the public. If you have not watched the informative video, please do so now here.

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Goleta's End of Year Community Message

Gavin Newsom: "REMINDER: CA, you are now REQUIRED to wear a mask in public spaces."
Remember, the rules are for you. Not for them.

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