Goleta Seeking Input on Historic Preservation Ordinance

Goleta Seeking Input on Historic Preservation Ordinance title=
Pictured: Stow House (1885)
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Source: City of Goleta

The City of Goleta is asking for your input on Goleta’s first-ever Historic and Cultural Resource Preservation Ordinance. Having Historic Preservation standards and process has been a goal of the City since the General Plan adoption in 2006. The purpose of this Ordinance is for the recognition and preservation of resources that reflect the cultural, historical, and architectural heritage of Goleta. Adoption of the Ordinance will provide the City with a process by which to designate historic resources, have regulations regarding changes to such resources, and have tools to encourage preservation.    

What does the Ordinance mean for you?

The general public mostly likely will not be impacted as there are only a handful of sites (approximately 60 out of 11,000 + in the City) that have been identified as being eligible for designation as a historic resource. 

As proposed in the draft regulations, properties that are already listed in the National Register of Historic Places or the California Register of Historical Resources or were previously designated by the County of Santa Barbara as a historic landmark would automatically be designated as a Goleta historic landmark.  All other individual properties that are identified as potentially eligible for designation would be placed on an inventory list and would have to undergo the designation process to be formally designated. 

The Ordinance also proposes the establishment of a Historic Preservation Commission (HPC). The HPC would be an advisory body to the City Council regarding designation of historic properties and Mills Act contracts.  The HPC would also be an advisory body to the Design Review Board regarding proposed exterior modifications to designated Historic Structures through the normal design review process.

The first of likely several hearings regarding the proposed provisions will occur at the Planning Commission on December 14, 2020. The Planning Commission will start discussing the Historic Resource provisions and the proposed Historic Inventory List and will continue the hearing to January 25, 2021 to discuss Cultural Resource provisions.  

An agenda will be available shortly at www.CityofGoleta.org/GoletaMeetings. Public participation is important to know if what is drafted is an appropriate reflection of what the community wants. Please send your feedback or questions to Current Planning Manager Lisa Prasse at [email protected]. Comments can be sent before, during, or after, the Planning Commission meeting. Learn more about the Historic and Cultural Resource Preservation Ordinance here. Sign up for updates on this topic here.

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OWLworks Dec 12, 2020 07:59 AM
Goleta Seeking Input on Historic Preservation Ordinance

With all the sensitivity to early roots here--there should be some tribute to the loss of the Chumash village--where Water Treatment is now, and how the move led to human flight options like the birds protected near it. Very symbolic. The bulldozer invented too early had other intentions,
This is a very important thing to do given the changing character and commercialization as well as lots more housing taking up what was beautiful agricultural space and "historic" products like lemons and festivals associated with them. Ag history is really important. This is a big deal in Europe where we lived and open space is historic as well where ranches stood. Stow house for sure. A lot of history may have already been lost as big boxes arrive and provide much needed job--but the space can be designated. There is also restoration/reconstruction also in most ordinances.

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