Goleta Deploys the First EV ARC™ 2020 Charger in the County

Goleta Deploys the First EV ARC™ 2020 Charger in the County title=
Pictured: EV ARC™ 2020 by BEAM Global newly installed in the Goleta City Hall parking lot and charging a car.
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Source: City of Goleta

The City of Goleta received and set up Santa Barbara County’s first EV ARC™ 2020 (EV ARC) for public electric vehicle charging, acting on its commitment to building a green and sustainable community. The EV ARC is a transportable, 100% off-grid solar-powered EV charger that can also serve as a mobile emergency preparedness and energy resiliency asset. The unit, now occupying a single standard parking space and being grid-independent, required no construction, trenching or electrical circuit work, allowing for fast deployment.

Goleta Mayor Paula Perotte remarked, “We are excited to have taken this first step of many in providing our community with access to clean, reliable energy and supporting the transition to electric vehicles. We are looking forward to continuing the momentum in addressing climate change and creating a more sustainable, green Goleta." 

Fully funded by the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District 2020 Clean Air Grants Infrastructure and the California Office of Emergency Services Public Safety Power Shutoff Resiliency Programs, the City of Goleta’s EV ARC unit is equipped with a ChargePoint™ Dual Port charger and can power up to 265 miles of electric driving in a single day. The EV ARC system generates and stores its own clean electricity and delivers that electricity to power EVs, day or night, and during inclement weather and power outages.

The EV ARC from BEAM Global is now online in Goleta City Hall’s parking lot (130 Cremona Drive) and is available for public use at no cost to the user. Community members are now welcome and able to charge their electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles using the EV ARC at any time day or night, free of charge with a ChargePoint™ account.

The new electric vehicle charging station is one of many ways the City is striving to meet its goal of 100% Renewable Energy by 2030 and expanding EV charging access. The City is currently enrolling in Central Coast Community Energy (3CE) this October 2021 in an effort to support clean energy at competitive rates and participate in innovative energy programs that facilitate the electrification of the transportation and built environments. This year the City will move forward with a solar photovoltaic project and additional EV charging stations at City Hall. Learn more about what we are doing here.

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Byzantium Nov 13, 2021 03:39 PM
Goleta Deploys the First EV ARC™ 2020 Charger in the County

One occasionally annoying but critical aspects that makes Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara has been its long tradition of sign control, Now popping up are all the ugly electric bike racks and rows of Tesla charging tower hawking their product name. Nothing "green" about marketing bill boards. We are losing the deep charm of this city inch by inch. Add unpermitted wall murals, that of course are not really "temporary" and you sow the seeds of the aesthetic degradation of this once charming town.

ginger1 Nov 12, 2021 08:27 PM
Goleta Deploys the First EV ARC™ 2020 Charger in the County

As BOSCO and SHASTA wrote. This is about technology to address equity and a look into the future of charging. There are many people who'd like to drive an EV or plug-in hybrid and do not have access to charging. Charging at work, while shopping, at refueling stations on the highway, is the standard in other countries. The cost of entry into the effort to drive responsibly has plummeted recently. Not everyone wants, needs or can afford a $50K+ car. The rest of the world has EVs half that price and our used EVs are a cost-effective excellent was to join the effort to reduce our use of fossil fuels and help deal with one aspect of the Climate Crisis.

Gas-powered automobiles (and then trucks) are soon to be relics of the past. They simply have no place in the future and the manufactures have got that figured out. You'll see. There's a change a-comin'.

Eggs Ackley Nov 14, 2021 12:26 PM
Goleta Deploys the First EV ARC™ 2020 Charger in the County

Cost of ownership of ev was already on par with ice vehicles before recent gas price hikes.
Saving >$30 per fill up, no oil changes every 3-5k miles. Carpool lane accesse.
The city et. al. should be recouping some of the cost, of the EV Arc. something on the order of .10-.12/kWh. About $10 for 300 miles, a true bargain. SCE ev rates are .19 off peak .48 on peak wkdays.

pstarSR Nov 13, 2021 09:55 AM
Goleta Deploys the First EV ARC™ 2020 Charger in the County

part of me is sad, and I am not detracting from your post only adding a bit. We had chargers all over town like 20 years ago, costco, sears, everywhere. we had the infrastructure then, we could have upgraded and adapted as time went on. getting better.

now we are spending money to do it ALL over again. this is shortsightedness and avoidance at its best. we should have stuck with this 20 yrs ago and adapted and grown.... instead we ripped them all out and spent the money twice if not 3 times...... Lets stick the course, lets not give up again.

bosco Nov 12, 2021 08:38 AM
Goleta Deploys the First EV ARC™ 2020 Charger in the County

You all realize this is just a test right? It's an example of what is possible (100% sustainable with relatively low cost). There are plenty of other chargers throughout the area (both free and not free). Plus most people charge their EV's at home. Move along haters, there is nothing to complain about here.

Shasta Guy Nov 11, 2021 08:47 PM
Goleta Deploys the First EV ARC™ 2020 Charger in the County

Maybe it could be placed in a low income neighborhood where free charging could benefit a truly needy person. I drive by this everyday. It likely only benefits a couple people who happen to work in the office park. They get to charge their vehicles for free?

a-1636869543 Nov 13, 2021 09:59 PM
Goleta Deploys the First EV ARC™ 2020 Charger in the County

At least it's portable! Can and will be used in emergencies, like fires, and then people can charge their phones in their cars. Yes, I realize that in an emergency just one charging station will cause bad behavior.

bosco Nov 12, 2021 12:34 PM
Goleta Deploys the First EV ARC™ 2020 Charger in the County

Agreed. It's easy to imagine this integrated into apartment carports. More used EV's are starting to hit the market at similar prices to ICE vehicles. Up front costs will be inline with gas vehicles soon. With charging solutions provided in lower income neighborhoods the lower cost of EV ownership (no gas and low maintenance) will benefit many low income families.

pstarSR Nov 13, 2021 09:50 AM
Goleta Deploys the First EV ARC™ 2020 Charger in the County

so you work there, but havent made a direct complaint about the "squatters". yet I dont see a line of people waiting( I work down the street, across from the airport. and see this charging station daily). if you had a gas station, giving away free gas.... would you be mad at people showing up also?

pstarSR Nov 11, 2021 06:27 PM
Goleta Deploys the First EV ARC™ 2020 Charger in the County

You know any electric car . Chevy bolt, nissan leaf etc can and do use these. Im sorry you you think electric cars are a luxury. Soon you will see how they will be common place. I think its better use of my tax paying dollars than not doing it.

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