Fish-n-Chips Tonight?

Anglers at LLC eh (Courtesy)
Subscriber Chuck Cagara spied these anglers at Lake Los Carneros hoping that “Fish-n-Chips” would be on the menu this evening.
Chuck Cagara

Written by Chuck Cagara

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    • Condor – great points! I make a point of removing any tackle or line I find wherever I fish. It’s burns me up to find lures hanging in trees, hooks with line on the shore, etc that could be easily retrieved.

      I’ve only fished from the dam here, but would like to try it out in a kayak or tube. Do many do that there?

      • Yes, I have been float tubing Lake Los Carneros since 1985. During periods of “good” rain when the lake is healthy there are quite a few who bass fish the lake from float tubes and other human-powered fishing floats. I am friends with many of them.

        It is incredibly frustrating that people do not know how to clean up after themselves. Thank you for making a point to clean up whenever you fish. Littering is the problem, not fishing.

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