Firefighters Respond to Lompoc Chimney Fire

Firefighters Respond to Lompoc Chimney Fire title=
Firefighters Respond to Lompoc Chimney Fire
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Photo: SBCFD

By edhat staff

Santa Barbara County firefighters responded to a chimney fire in Lompoc on Tuesday morning.

At 11:15 a.m., four engines, one ambulance, and one Batallion Chief responded to the 7200 block of Santa Rosa Road in the Lompoc Valley for reports of a structure fire. 

Crews found smoke inside the structure and the attic. When determining that the fire was located in the chimney, it was immediately knocked down. Crews will remain on the scene to ensure no additional fire has spread in the building.

There are no reported injuries and the fire is under investigation.

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a-1579113360 Jan 15, 2020 10:36 AM
Firefighters Respond to Lompoc Chimney Fire

Don’t burn wood at all. It’s not efficient heating and it is polluting, no matter how “clean” your stove or how seasoned your wood.

MountainMan4865 Jan 16, 2020 07:21 PM
Firefighters Respond to Lompoc Chimney Fire

So.... natural gas production (fracking), storage (transporting), and trucking (more tranporting) it up to my house in the mountains to feed a furnace is more efficient than harvesting wood (and fuel reduction for wildfire) on my own property? I'm not sure how that works. Or should I be relying on coal... or electricity or oil to heat my house?

a-1579101918 Jan 15, 2020 07:25 AM
Firefighters Respond to Lompoc Chimney Fire

What was up in Lompoc yesterday? 246 was completely shut down all day due to road work near Sweeney Road. All eastbound traffic had to go north to the Wye and then east on Purisima Road. That was bad enough but then Caltrans shut down one of two northbound lanes at the all that extra traffic came to a standstill. Why would the City allow two of the three exits from the city be blocked at the same time. A mess.

a-1579066324 Jan 14, 2020 09:32 PM
Firefighters Respond to Lompoc Chimney Fire

Do not burn wood. Bad for your health and your neighbors' health and the health of the planet. The American Lung Association has declared wood smoke a "super pollutant" second only to diesel fumes: ************ "The American Lung Association warns that burning wood produces emissions that are widely recognized as harmful to human health. ... Wood smoke produces fine particle pollution, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, hazardous air pollutants such as formaldehyde, and it contributes to climate change pollution. Dec 14, 2017"

Channelfog Jan 15, 2020 03:33 AM
Firefighters Respond to Lompoc Chimney Fire

Burning wood is green/ carbon neutral as growing trees sequesters Carbon again. Trees are renewable energy as long as we plant more and stop deforestation, however petroleum and natural gas are not. There are many stove designs that burn efficiently with virtually no smoke with or without a cat. Alas, most people today do not know what to burn, or how to burn it efficiently which leads to noxious smoke. Be considerate of your neighbor; burn well!

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