Dr. Henning Ansorg named Physician of the Year for Santa Barbara County

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Source: Central Coast Medical Association

The Central Coast Medical Association awarded Henning Ansorg, MD, as the 2020 Physician of the Year for Santa Barbara County. The award is for a physician who has gone above and beyond and due to the challenges of the current pandemic, Dr. Ansorg was the obvious honoree for 2020.

Dr. Ansorg began his medical career in Germany where he graduated magna cum laude from medical school at Justus Liebig University in Giessen. He completed his family practice residency in Munich and went into private practice for ten years before relocating to the United States. Dr. Ansorg completed his internal medicine residency at the University of Arizona and went into private practice in Sedona, Arizona. He moved to Santa Barbara in 2016 and joined the Santa Barbara County Health Care Center as a staff physician, and he was appointed Public Health Officer in 2019.

Dr. Ansorg received his Physician of the Year award at a virtual celebration, which included congratulatory messages from community leaders. Dr. Kurt Ransohoff, CEO & CMO with Sansum Clinic, said he “can’t think of anyone who is more deserving.” Multiple people spoke about Dr. Ansorg’s leadership, professionalism, and calm demeanor, along with his sense of humor. Dr. Lynn Fitzgibbons, an infectious disease physician with Cottage Health, thanked Dr. Ansorg for being “a strong voice for us all.” Dr. Ansorg has worked tirelessly during the pandemic, and everyone expressed their appreciation for having him in our community. Dr. Van Do-Reynoso, Director of the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department, said “Thank you for your dedication and your commitment to the best possible health outcomes for our community.”

Upon receiving his award, Dr. Ansorg thanked his colleagues for the honor and for their support of public health over the past months. He expressed his appreciation of the collegial atmosphere and collaboration among the healthcare community. Dr. Ansorg shared that challenging times brings out the best in people, and he is grateful for the dedicated, tenacious, and hardworking colleagues at the Public Health Department.

CCMA would like to thank those who helped honor Dr. Henning Ansorg, including Polly Baldwin, MD, MPH; Paige Batson; Charity Dean, MD, MPH; Chelsea Dean, MD; Van Do-Reynoso, MPH, PhD; David Fisk, MD; Lynn Nisbet Fitzgibbons, MD; Lindsay Katona, DO, MPH; Marjorie Newman, MD; Jared Perrin, MD; Jason J Prystowsky, MD, MPH; Kurt Ransohoff, MD; Tony Rogers, MD; and Brett Wilson, II, MD. A recording of the celebration for Dr. Henning Ansorg can be viewed at www.CCMAHealth.org.

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ChemicalSuperFreak Nov 21, 2020 08:51 PM
Dr. Henning Ansorg named Physician of the Year for Santa Barbara County

This is what's called failing upward. All of Ansorg's health orders were pointless, never enforced, and a lot of people ignored them. They couldn't find any non-administrative physicians that routinely worked double shifts at our local hospitals during the worst of it? I'll bet there was some unknown front line physician that was more deserving of this award.

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