Dr. Goswami Resigns as SBCC President

Dr. Goswami Resigns as SBCC President title=
Dr. Utpal Goswami (courtesy photo)
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Source: Santa Barbara City College

Dr. Utpal K. Goswami has resigned as Superintendent/President of the College effective July 12, 2021. Under the terms of the agreement that was reached, he will continue as a consultant for the next month when requested to assist in the transition and will be paid a portion of the remaining time on his initial employment contract.

Dr. Peter Haslund, President of the Board of Trustees, stated “The Board of Trustees extends thanks to Dr. Goswami for his service to SBCC and the substantial contributions he has made to the success of the College. We wish him well in his future endeavors.”

Dr. Goswami said, “It has been an honor and privilege to serve as Superintendent/President of SBCC. I wish the best for SBCC, and I look forward to hearing about the great strides that the institution will make."

Dr. Goswami joined SBCC as Superintendent/President on January 1, 2020, after serving as a President at Metropolitan Community College, Kansas City, Missouri. Prior to this, Dr. Goswami held various positions including as Vice President of Instruction and as interim President/Superintendent at College of the Redwoods in California.

Dr. Kathleen Scott will be acting Superintendent/President until The Board of Trustees appoints an interim. 

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PitMix Jul 13, 2021 10:55 AM
Dr. Goswami Resigns as SBCC President

Another educational leader chewed up and spit out by this town. We're probably getting quite a reputation that will affect the pool of applicants.

a-1626206789 Jul 13, 2021 01:06 PM
Dr. Goswami Resigns as SBCC President

That's true across the board. Capitalism is changing the way people feel about loyalty - no longer do wages track cost of living. No longer does the boss make a dollar while you make a dime, no, now the boss makes a grand while you make a penny. Employees are no longer rewarded or respected for "loyalty," it actually detracts from their careers and compensation to stay in one place. Not to mention when they do these ridiculous nationwide searches for employees, OF COURSE you are going to get people who jump ship looking for higher compensation, and they will do the same once they're done with SB in a few years. When will we learn? Find someone with local ties to the community, and you will find the next MacDougal.

FernaldPoint93108 Jul 13, 2021 02:53 PM
Dr. Goswami Resigns as SBCC President

Looks like this was handled better than the case of professor Aaron O'Connor. There they paid a settlement and give him a 3 year vacation, hoping nobody notices when he returns next year.

winter Jul 13, 2021 06:02 PM
Dr. Goswami Resigns as SBCC President

I agree with all of your comments...
It is hard to come to Santa Barbara, from a national search, or L.A., even.
Hard to fit in, be accepted...
Seen it with non profits, businesses, etc...
This is a big small town....but if you are not connected...you won't last long.

a-1626229460 Jul 13, 2021 07:24 PM
Dr. Goswami Resigns as SBCC President

How about hiring someone already working at SBCC? Seems like it would be a lot easier to understand the community, the issues, the needs, the networking and the realities if one had experience here and actually had worked for the institution a while. Why this parade of outsiders who come and go?

racjax Jul 13, 2021 08:51 PM
Dr. Goswami Resigns as SBCC President

I actually commend Dr. Gosswami for quitting on the spot and saying to hell with them all. There is something seriously wrong in the Academic Senate that has caused multiple experienced ( FAR more experienced than the senate minions) presidents to get away from the insanity. As much as I loathe hearing the lament of why won't they hire local, I am beginning to think that (hiring local) is the only answer for someone to be able to work with these activists. At that point, call SBCC what it is. A joke breeding ground for UC/CSU "studies" programs.

This town is run by a bunch of little fish (who imagine themselves whales) in a very little pond. And they will run off anyone who might expose them for what they are.

Bird Jul 14, 2021 11:41 AM
Dr. Goswami Resigns as SBCC President

So, what is the Academic Senate and why does it exist and who's on it? Do all CA community colleges have such an organization? And how much power does it actually have?

ChillinGrillin Jul 14, 2021 01:28 PM
Dr. Goswami Resigns as SBCC President

Racjax: What are you talking about? SBCC is consistently ranked in the top 10 community colleges in the state. I agree with the pond analogy when applied to many institutions and groups in SB but calling the school a joke is a bit of a reach.

a-1626345164 Jul 15, 2021 03:32 AM
Dr. Goswami Resigns as SBCC President

Info here, several tabs at bottom of page.
They are elected by their peers; see the link to constitution.

Lorax Jul 14, 2021 10:25 AM
Dr. Goswami Resigns as SBCC President

This is a discrace.! Dr. Utpal K. Goswami's agrupt resignation is the best exposure of this small millitant group of faculty, aproximately 20% that run roughshot over the other 80%. This has gone on for many years. The only way it will change is if the majority of faculity give a no vote of confidence to their Faculty leader. Time to clean this up and expose these people by names and bring them out of hiding and hideous behind the scene wars.
This is a union position stronghold and they intend to continue to control the college and this community lets them!
I hope the board stays strong against these thugs even though we have now lost the 7th president in 10 years.

sbdude Jul 14, 2021 11:41 AM
Dr. Goswami Resigns as SBCC President

So are the same people who blew it by hiring that guy going to be in charge of hiring the next person? Methinks the hiring process (and people involved) could be improved upon.

Byzantium Jul 14, 2021 02:39 PM
Dr. Goswami Resigns as SBCC President

State chancellors office keeps scores on all the state community colleges .There is no list of Top 10 - that is just fluff talk. Some are good in some areas, some are not so good. Compare any college you want to any other college in this state at this website. SBCC may now rank as the top CEO turnover college in the state, which means Ms Gates did not do her homework before she handed out that $20 million dollars. Don't think they have these problems at Ventura community colleges or Alan Hancock College - something else must be going on at SBCC. Will they get to the bottom of this or not?

a-1626344992 Jul 15, 2021 03:29 AM
Dr. Goswami Resigns as SBCC President

The philanthropist's name is MacKenzie Scott and she used to be married to Jeff Bezos.
The gift to SBCC has nothing to do with any Gates.

Byzantium Jul 14, 2021 03:45 PM
Dr. Goswami Resigns as SBCC President

Just read the Independent's version of events, and Welsh makes many fundamental errors in his shallow understanding of events, and intentionally fans the flames for his own personal bias . Not helpful at this time. Unless the Independent wants things to keep going from bad to worse. A 4-3 vote split is not a "fractured board". It is a board who voted and one side lost. It is the losing side who has the duty to honor that decision; not sabotage it. We certainly are all over the place on contested elections right now and unless those three trustees on the losing vote can establish fraud, it is their duty now to stop destroying the college because they did not win and stop adding immensely to the expense side of the college budget.

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