County Fire Department Transitions from a High Fire Season to a Winter Preparedness Level

County of Santa Barbara Fire Department (Edhat)

With this transition, the ban on permit burning within State Responsibility Areas (SRA) and Local Responsibility Areas (LRA) under the jurisdiction of the Santa Barbara County Fire Department has been lifted. Individuals holding valid burn permits may now resume permitted burning in Santa Barbara County. Please note: These permits are issued solely for burn piles and are not intended for the burning of standing vegetation.

Prior to the issuance of a permit, all burn sites and piles will be inspected by the Santa Barbara County Fire Department to ensure compliance with the appropriate permit conditions. Permittees must contact the fire department prior to starting any permitted burn. As a reminder, all permit holders are responsible for complying with all permit rules and guidelines. Property owners and permit holders could be held liable for any uncontrolled burn on their property that requires fire department intervention. Non-compliance could result in a citation and/or full cost recovery.

Burn days are determined by the time of year and prevailing weather conditions. Burning is preferred during the winter months when fuel moisture levels are high and temperatures are low. Predicted high winds can suspend burning. Burning is never allowed on Sundays or holidays. The Santa Barbara County Fire Department and the Air Pollution Control District work closely together to determine appropriate days for permit burning.

Each day, the Santa Barbara County Fire Department announces on a recorded phone line whether permit burning is allowed. The public can ascertain if it is a permissive burn day by calling (805) 686-8177 or by visiting the department website at

Although the risk of fire has decreased considerably, the possibility of wildfires during the winter months in Southern California still exists. Santa Barbara County residents are encouraged to continue reducing flammable vegetation around their structures, property, and roads. Through the Ready! Set! Go! Program, landowners have the opportunity to be educated about issues concerning defensible space and vegetation removal. For information on the Ready! Set! Go! Program, please visit


Written by SBCFD

Public information provided by the Santa Barbara County Fire Department.

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