County Animal Services Temporarily Closes Lompoc Shelter

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Source: Santa Barbara County Animal Services

County Animal Services is exploring options for improving the delivery of services to the Lompoc community while breaking free of the traditional brick and mortar shelter model. Facing operational challenges across three shelter locations, Animal Services made the decision to concentrate staffing and animal care at the two shelters in Santa Maria and Santa Barbara and temporarily close the Lompoc facility. Effective through January 31, 2021, this short-term management strategy also provides a unique opportunity to explore innovative ways of delivering services into the Lompoc area.

Building on the strength of longtime partnerships, Animal Services is collaborating with C.A.R.E.4Paws and Companion Animal Placement Assistance (CAPA) to increase much-needed services to the Lompoc community through additional mobile veterinary clinics, offsite events for pet food distribution, vaccines, licensing, FREE microchipping, and more. C.A.R.E.4Paws distributes emergency pet food and supplies every Tuesday at the Half Century Club, and starting in December will add Sundays at Ryon Park to their weekly schedule.

“C.A.R.E.4Paws has been working in the Lompoc community for more than a decade and is always looking for opportunities to expand the services we provide for animals and pet owners in need,” says Isabelle Gullo, C.A.R.E.4Paws’ Executive Director and Cofounder. “We’re truly grateful for our strong partnerships with Animal Services and CAPA, which help ensure that more pets stay happy, healthy and in their homes.” For 33 years, CAPA has been serving the Lompoc community and its animals through its partnership with Animal Services and is very proud to provide FREE microchips at these events through November and December.

With public and animal safety a priority, even though the Lompoc shelter is temporarily closed, field services are continuing as usual and an Animal Control Officer is assigned to the Lompoc area daily. The full range of services are also being provided from the Santa Maria Animal Center.

Over the next three months, feedback and data will be gathered on which services are needed the most and how these services can best be provided to the Lompoc community. Animal Services Director, Angela Yates stated, “We are working with industry experts to utilize new tools and community-based approaches and reinvent how we address pet homelessness in Santa Barbara County. We are sensitive to potential service gaps, but are looking forward to bringing more services into the community rather than the community coming to the shelter. Our partnerships with C.A.R.E.4Paws and CAPA are creating new possibilities for how we take care of animals and the people who love them!”

According to Ms. Yates, “It’s important that the community understand that this is a short-term strategy that will allow us to gather community feedback as to how we can creatively provide more direct services to the Lompoc community. We are leaning into this opportunity to gather data on how successful or sustainable some of our remote services could be in the future.”

Animal Services will be holding a series of stakeholder and community meetings over the next few months to gather feedback and ideas on how best to deliver services to the Lompoc community.

2020 Schedule of Lompoc Clinics & Special Events

Tues, Nov 24   10am-1pm    Half Century Club    Mobile Clinic Services                             
Tues, Dec 1     10am-1pm    Half Century Club    Emergency Pet Food & Supplies Only
Sun, Dec 6       10am-1pm    Ryon Park                 Mobile Clinic Services
Tues, Dec 8     10am-1pm    Half Century Club    Mobile Clinic Services
Sun, Dec 13     10am-1pm    Ryon Park                 Emergency Pet Food & Supplies Only
Tues, Dec 15   10am-1pm    Half Century Club    Mobile Clinic Services
Sun, Dec 20     10am-1pm    Ryon Park                 Emergency Pet Food & Supplies Only
Sun, Dec 27     10am-1pm    Ryon Park                 Emergency Pet Food & Supplies Only

Pet food is also available Monday-Saturday by calling 805-737-7755 to schedule an appointment at the Lompoc Shelter.

Note: There are no clinics scheduled for the week December 21.

Walk-Up Services Available at Mobile Clinics (unless otherwise noted):

  • $10 vaccines (rabies, distemper/parvo [DHPP for dogs and FVRCP for cats])
  • $15 bordetella vaccine for dogs
  • $10 flea and deworming treatment
  • FREE microchipping
  • $15 nail trimming
  • FREE emergency pet food distribution
  • Dog licensing with Santa Barbara County Animal Services

Mobile Clinic Services Available by Prior Appointment:

  • Affordable medical exams, treatment of infections, dentals and mass removals, plus spay/neuter surgeries for a donation for qualifying pet owners.
  • For more information and to make an appointment:
805-968-CARE (2273)


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PitMix Nov 20, 2020 06:48 PM
County Animal Services Temporarily Closes Lompoc Shelter

Wow, that's amazing. The last time the City tried to get out of their expensive contract with the County people were up in arms. Now they closed the whole thing? I guess they have room in Santa Maria for all of the animals? Plus the ones they ship down to SB? But the City probably still pays for that service?

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