City of Santa Barbara Hosts "Create State" Workshops

City of Santa Barbara Hosts "Create State" Workshops title=
City of Santa Barbara Hosts "Create State" Workshops
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By the City of Santa Barbara

On Friday, December 9 and Saturday, December 10, the City will host workshops at 821 State Street (between Canon Perdido and De La Guerra Streets) for members of the community to help create design concepts for the future of State Street and the surrounding downtown area.

“We hope you will join us in creating designs for State Street. This is an exciting celebration of downtown and opportunity for the community to help shape Santa Barbara’s future and learn more about the State Street Master Plan” said Tess Harris, State Street Master Planner.

Attendees will be grouped into small teams to design two or three blocks on State Street using a map of the street and game pieces that reflect potential transportation options and activities that could be included in the long-term design for State Street. Each team's design poster will be hung at the location and available for viewing during the Open House on Saturday, December 10. Each workshop will also include a brief project update and time to view other teams' designs.

All events will include the same activities and be in English and Spanish. No professional design experience is required to participate in any of these events, and all community members are welcome.

“We are really excited to make this an event for everyone. The Learningden Preschool staff will be onsite to provide childcare to children 18 months and older so that parents and caregivers can fully participate in the workshop. Come see the pop-up art show that The Arts Fund and the Santa Barbara County Office of Arts & Culture are putting on during the workshop events focused on creativity and innovation. It is sure to be a hit.”

Further information on the community design workshops is available under “Events” at:  Additionally, the City of Santa Barbara encourages all members of the public to take the State Street survey and share your thoughts about what you want to see downtown in the future.

For more information, please contact Tess Harris, State Street Master Planner at

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sacjon Dec 06, 2022 01:59 PM
City of Santa Barbara Hosts "Create State" Workshops

I've said since I was old enough to drive, there is no reason to ever drive up/down lower State St. All the parking for the shops/bars is on the side blocks, not on State. The only reason people used to drive was to people watch and cruise. Fun yeah, but not worth reverting back to, in my opinion, now that we have a nice space for people to walk and bike, shop and explore. Brining cars back won't solve the business woes and will just create more local pollution (thousands, maybe more, of cars idling per day).

Either way, this sounds like a great idea! Hopefully it's not just a "let the community think their input is valued, but we already have it planned" situation!

Nicolehala Dec 06, 2022 11:32 AM
City of Santa Barbara Hosts "Create State" Workshops

I’d like to see Santa Barbara be a people town not a car town. I say keep the cars out of downtown and celebrate pedestrians. It’s nice to have more human interactions take place when life can feel so rushed and impersonal.

biguglystick Dec 06, 2022 10:49 AM
City of Santa Barbara Hosts "Create State" Workshops

Bring back the cars! I miss the OLD days of State street being our main drag. Now the pedestrians IGNORE the stop lights, and the speeding bikes will just about kill you.

NotReallyDave Dec 05, 2022 06:28 PM
City of Santa Barbara Hosts "Create State" Workshops

I still think that modifying the main artery through downtown should be voted on by the people of the City. It feels like this is being rammed down our throats. Just because "staff" wants to make huge changes doesn't mean it is the way to go.
By the way, has anyone else seen the new store downtown? It is called "For Lease". It is over there, wait, and over there, and over there......

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