Chambers of Commerce Form Coalition to Support Temporary Trucking Permit

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Source: Goleta Chamber of Commerce

Chambers of Commerce from across Santa Barbara County are coming together to voice their support for the restart of ExxonMobil’s Santa Ynez Unit (SYU). The newly-formed Santa Barbara County Chamber Coalition commissioned a report from the California Economic Forecast into the economic and fiscal impacts of restoring SYU’s interim and full oil production in Santa Barbara County.

This important facility has been idle since May 2015. Until a pipeline alternative becomes available, ExxonMobil is pursuing a temporary trucking permit to transport crude oil to market – allowing for a phased restart of SYU. The interim trucking proposal would result in the creation of hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars in new income and spending.

Restarting SYU would create a meaningful increase in funding to Santa Barbara County public safety, fire protection, local government services and the local K-14 public school system. Key findings of the report tie the vital funding missing from Santa Barbara County to the shutdown of SYU.

“The findings from this study show that a lot is at stake, not only for the employees and their families but for our County,” said Kristen Miller, President and CEO of the Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce. “The revenues generated by the SYU facility go to fund our local schools, our police, firefighters and more. We simply can’t wait any longer, we must restart SYU now.”

“The Northern County K-14 school system, including Allan Hancock Community College, stands to benefit from these additional revenues. It’s time to get people back to work and to get these revenues flowing again,” said Etta Waterfield, Santa Maria City councilmember.

“Public Safety is a large part of the County’s General Fund. When the General Fund takes a hit, so does public safety. Everyone is feeling the crunch from the lack of staffing that we have. We want to be better staffed to serve the County and restarting SYU is a great way to do it,” said Neil Gowing, President, Santa Barbara County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association.

Other Key Findings:

  • The SYU restart adds 218 direct jobs with average salaries that are 27% higher than the average County resident salary
  • Restarting SYU will provide millions in additional annual revenues to the Santa Barbara County General Fund, K-14 schools including Allan Hancock Community College and to Santa Barbara County Fire
  • The project will provide $1.07 million per year that will help the County Fire Department increase staffing and training, in addition to covering their equipment needs
  • The Lompoc Valley Medical Center will receive critical funding to continue providing services to the overwhelmingly low-income population they serve – the median household income in Lompoc is 42% less than the median County household in come
  • ExxonMobil will invest more than $40 million per year in the Santa Barbara County economy to maintain SYU operations


At a Glance:

Property Tax Recipients of the Project - Santa Barbara County (Pg. 33)


Annual Amount

SB County General Fund


SB County Fire Protection


Misc. County (Flood, Water, Vector, Cemetery)


Lompoc Hospital District


Vista Del Mar School District


Santa Ynez Valley High School


Santa Ynez River Water CD


5 Santa Barbara County schools*


Allan Hancock Comm College


County School Service Fund


Education Rev Aug Fund








Allan Hancock CC


Santa Ynez Valley High School


Lompoc Hospital


Lompoc Unified


Total Tax




*Santa Maria Jt HS Dist, Lompoc Unified, Blochman Union, Cuyama Elementary & Cuyama HS

Click here for the full Economic Impact Report:

About the Santa Barbara County Chamber Coalition: The Santa Barbara County Chamber Coalition was formed to support bringing back jobs and economic vitality to Santa Barbara County through a phased restart of the Santa Ynez Unit. The coalition consists of the Goleta Chamber of Commerce, Buellton Chamber of Commerce, Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce, Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce, Solvang Chamber of Commerce and Lompoc Chamber of Commerce.

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Arbiter Jul 22, 2019 03:29 PM
Chambers of Commerce Form Coalition to Support Temporary Trucking Permit

It should be noted that while our local chamber may be allied with Exxon, they are in a minority in California. Thousands of businesses in California and other Chambers of Commerce in nearby coastal locations, such as Malibu, Dana Point and Santa Cruz, are part of the Business Alliance for Protecting the Pacific Coast, actively working to oppose offshore oil drilling because of the tremendous risks to our economy which is dependent on clean oceans and air. Fully 69 percent of California voters oppose offshore oil, including majorities of Republicans, and 90 cities up and down the coast, including Santa Barbara, Goleta, and Carpinteria, have passed resolutions opposing offshore oil and calling for a phaseout of existing offshore oil production.

The oil industry is not a significant economic contributor, making up less than 1% of Santa Barbara County employment and contributing a mere 1% of county revenue, even when Exxon was fully operational before the 2015 oil spill, nor was it a significant contributor to the Goleta school district. ( What's more, oil jobs have a fatality rate seven times higher than other industries.

The Exxon trucking proposal would send 70 tanker trucks per day by a local school, endangering the health and safety of kids, and along a highly accident prone section of the 101, posing unacceptable risks of explosive and devastating accidents and road closures to a critical transportation corridor. In addition, the Exxon oil processing facilities were the largest facility source of air pollution in the county for pollutants such as VOCs and PM2.5, which cause lung, heart disease and cancer and can travel hundreds of miles.

Our oceans are healthier, our air is cleaner, and jobs are safer right now as a result of the Exxon platforms and onshore processing facilities on the gaviota coast being shut down. Exxon's trucking proposal would not only bring back these risks, but would add a new on-going danger to our roads.

PitMix Jul 22, 2019 09:55 AM
Chambers of Commerce Form Coalition to Support Temporary Trucking Permit

Damage to roads goes up exponentially with weight. A bunch of heavy trucks damages the road much more than thousands of cars and light trucks. We currently subsidize the heavy truck traffic and the damage they cause because if they had to pay for the road repair costs the price of the goods they transported would be way more expensive. Did we agree to this subsidy? No. But here is a chance to prevent the costs of this subsidy from going up in the future.

jak Jul 21, 2019 04:14 PM
Chambers of Commerce Form Coalition to Support Temporary Trucking Permit

RHS, I rather strongly suspect that you personally are quite willing to enjoy the benefits of all those awful businesses. In fact, I suspect that the general level of hypocrisy on this thread is quite high. Whenever I ride the busses in Santa Barbara there seems to be plenty of room for more passengers as the bus slogs forward through heavy automobile traffic. Most of these cars carry a driver only and if there are passengers they tend to be too young to drive their own cars.

RHS Jul 21, 2019 10:15 AM
Chambers of Commerce Form Coalition to Support Temporary Trucking Permit

Please read the title. It is the Chamber of COMMERCE. This organization exists for no other reason than to support people engaged in commerce which is the business of buying and selling. They have no role in the improvement of society. They only care about getting more wealthy and damned if they harm the rest of us in that mission. How anyone can give a hoot about their recommendation is beyond me.

Rinconer Jul 21, 2019 09:43 AM
Chambers of Commerce Form Coalition to Support Temporary Trucking Permit

Environmental devastation follows Exxon Mobil like gravity. The Chamber of Commerce here in Carpinteria supported a draconian bill that allowed Venoco Oil to basically take over the town, when 99.9% of the residents were against it. Of course the measure was soundly defeated when voted on, but we still havn’t forgot how the Chamber of Commerce sold out our town.

pxn Jul 21, 2019 08:33 AM
Chambers of Commerce Form Coalition to Support Temporary Trucking Permit

Trucking groups have sharply rebuked the president’s plan for an increase in tolling. The American Trucking Associations, which put forth a bulletin in January lobbying Congress to raise the per-gallon gas and diesel taxes to stabilize U.S. funding for roads and bridges... ATA has called for a the per-mile gallon on gasoline and diesel taxes to be increased 20 cents — 5 cents a year over the course of four years — to ensure the solvency of the Highway Trust Fund. Gas and diesel taxes were last increased in 1993.

CoastWatch Jul 20, 2019 11:06 AM
Chambers of Commerce Form Coalition to Support Temporary Trucking Permit

There was an "Oil Train" a few yrs ago that was going on our rail system- People screamed panic about rail cars specifically designed for mass oil transport might spill...LOL! Well, here is your ridiculous replacement...100's of 6,000 gallon diesel semi trucks clogging 101 and going over extremely dangerous areas like the "3 Bridges" near Buellton , the Nojoqui Grade and of course the Gaviota Tunnel / Curve... People will die for sure.

a-1563645396 Jul 20, 2019 10:56 AM
Chambers of Commerce Form Coalition to Support Temporary Trucking Permit

Added likely impacts: bad air, dangerous roads, contaminated water, etc. etc. The local chambers should lose all city funding. I for one do not want my tax dollars going to an organization that puts corporate greed before the health of my children and my grandchildren. Oil shills, bring it on.

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