Carbajal Chosen to Negotiate Final Defense Spending Bill

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Source: Office of Rep. Salud Carbajal

Today, Rep. Salud Carbajal received the honor of being named a conferee for the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for the 2021 fiscal year. As a conferee, Carbajal will play a role in resolving differences between the Senate and House NDAA bills to form one final piece of legislation.  

“I’m honored to have been selected for this role, and proud to help deliver a bipartisan National Defense Authorization Act that will be signed into law,” said Rep. Carbajal. “As we consider the best ways to protect our national security, support our servicemembers, provide for our veterans, and enhance military-university partnerships, I will make sure our Central Coast values are well represented.” 

As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, Carbajal helped develop the House version of the NDAA and successfully fought to include several key priorities for the Central Coast. The House-passed NDAA also includes two of Congressman Carbajal’s bills, the Central Coast Heritage Protection Act and the Small Passenger Vessel Safety Act.

“Climate change is a threat multiplier and national security issue, so I’m pleased to have this opportunity to defend our environment and will fight to have protections for the Carrizo Plain and Los Padres Forest included in the final bill,” said Rep. Carbajal. “I’m also looking forward to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to pass my bill which directs the Coast Guard to enact long overdue safety reforms to small passenger boats, so we can avoid tragedies like the Conception Boat Fire in the future.”

The National Defense Authorization Act is passed annually, on a bipartisan basis, to provide funding and oversight for the nation’s military, defense and security needs. The final bill is expected to be voted on and sent to the President’s desk by year’s end.

Rep. Salud Carbajal is a Marine Corps Veteran and serves on the House Armed Services Committee. He represents California’s 24th congressional district, which encompasses Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and part of Ventura County.

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PitMix Nov 19, 2020 07:32 AM
Carbajal Chosen to Negotiate Final Defense Spending Bill

I think when you lump in all of our defense spending, including domestic "homeland" security, we are well over $1T (1,000,000,000,000) each year. Most great empires were brought to their knees by a combination of wars and excessive defense spending, and it looks like we are well on our way there. Can we provide basic health care while we are buying defense parts with a 4000% markup? Carbajal is a big supporter of the Prez's Space Cadet Force because it benefits Vandenburg.

PitMix Nov 19, 2020 07:22 AM
Carbajal Chosen to Negotiate Final Defense Spending Bill

Was in the reserves, right? Was posted for a short time to North Carolina for continuous service. Does that make him a veteran in the sense of someone that was a grunt in Vietnam or Iraq? But I guess he did get through boot camp, that is something.

Babycakes Nov 18, 2020 05:07 PM
Carbajal Chosen to Negotiate Final Defense Spending Bill

Having Carbajal in there makes total sense. He's one of the few folks who can truly work in a bi-partisan way, unlike so many others who refuse to, and ONLY vote along party lines. A "rubber stamper" he is not. Just look at his voting record. It will be interesting though to see what he does if the US decides to go after Iran militarily in the upcoming days/weeks.

Voice of Reason Nov 19, 2020 09:10 AM
Carbajal Chosen to Negotiate Final Defense Spending Bill

I just scanning his record, and it sure seems like a rubber stamper along party lines. Are they some examples you can provide, that I missed, where he went against party lines? I believe adherence to what's best for their constitutes, not their party, is an important but lacking trait amongst our politicians.

PitMix Nov 19, 2020 07:27 AM
Carbajal Chosen to Negotiate Final Defense Spending Bill

I'm glad you support such a progressive candidate! I did what you suggested and looked at his voting record- Progressive Voter's Guide says" Despite his questionable campaign financing record, Rep. Carbajal has shown a strong commitment to his progressive values, including making the introduction of the California Clean Coast Act his first legislative action in Congress. According to our analysis, Rep. Carbajal is the strongest choice for representative leadership in office." I voted for him, but I am pretty clear that he is mainly interested in being re-elected and spends most of his time fundraising because that is how the game is played.

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