Cannabis Activist Group Proposes Ordinance Corrections to Supervisors

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By Santa Barbara County Coalition for Responsible Cannabis

[On Tuesday], SB Coalition Board member Rob Salomon presented the Board of Supervisors with draft urgency ordinances designed to minimize many of the nuisance impacts of odor from ongoing, unpermitted cannabis operations, both in the Coastal Zone and in the inland areas.  These ordinances are narrowly tailored to address the specific problem of marijuana cultivators who either lied on their affidavits to obtain County authorization for State licenses, or have unlawfully expanded their operation from January of 2016, and who do not have any controls on their operation which would mitigate odor impacts, either in the form of odor control technology, or in adequate setbacks from residences or pre-existing agricultural operations.  

The County has continued to authorize state provisional licenses, despite the fact that to our knowledge, none of these operations has completed the local land use and licensing requirements.   As of Monday July 2nd,  767 Provisional Licenses have been issued to Santa Barbara County marijuana growers, accounting for 37% of all Provisional Licenses issued statewide. When presented with this information today, Supervisor Das Williams and County CEO staff Dennis Bozanich responded with some data about “temporary licenses”.  However, our intent with these ordinance amendments is to halt the authorization of Provisional licenses without the parameters set forth in the urgency ordinances.  

Since March 2019, the SB Coalition for Responsible Cannabis has repeatedly urged the Board of Supervisors to take immediate action to ameliorate the negative impacts caused by the multiple unpermitted cannabis operations that the Board has allowed to continue to operate.  The existing Cannabis Ordinance is the subject of potential amendments to address a multitude of issues, to be discussed at the July 9, 2019 BOS hearing.   

Board member Salomon stated: “Today, we are asking that County Counsel review these draft ordinances, and agendize and adopt these ordinances at your July 9 meeting.  It is past time for the BOS to take meaningful action to protect constituents.”   We were gratified to hear County Counsel Michael Ghizzoni indicate that a response to our drafts would be available to the Supervisors and public at [the July 9th] Board hearing.

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TheMole Jul 10, 2019 03:57 PM
Cannabis Activist Group Proposes Ordinance Corrections to Supervisors

Does anyone know that the board of supervisors had a bet going on with each other regarding cannabis? They each had a guess on how much revenue would be brought in from cannabis tax. It was $100.00 per Supervisor and this was when Janet Wolf was still in the second district. So the Supervisor with the closest guess won the pot. Don’t believe me? public records act is a way to perhaps seek correspondence regarding this bet. Also, what was up with yesterday’s hearing? It was so chaotic and unorganized. Who’s running things in this county?!

PitMix Jul 09, 2019 08:49 AM
Cannabis Activist Group Proposes Ordinance Corrections to Supervisors

Will be interesting to see how this affects their aspirations for higher offices down the road. On the pro side, the pot industry will be willing to fund their campaigns. On the con side, a lot of people will remember how this was handled.

a-1562645339 Jul 08, 2019 09:08 PM
Cannabis Activist Group Proposes Ordinance Corrections to Supervisors

The county really blew this one. There is no reason why they couldn’t have limited licenses. Local growers should have gotten priority. Those with all their ducks in a row and fees paid get a coveted spot. Everyone else could get on a waiting list. Why such limits on retail but then allow unlimited cultivation? Makes no sense. The majority of people who voted to legalize cannabis just want to go into a store and buy it....

PitMix Jul 08, 2019 02:36 PM
Cannabis Activist Group Proposes Ordinance Corrections to Supervisors

Going to be an interesting meeting tomorrow. If the Cannabis Industry is really worried about the push back, maybe the Supes will pass some of these reforms. The skunk smell as I drive through Carpinteria doesn't bother me, but if I had to smell it 24/7, I bet it would. Maybe the industry emits less pesticide residue than the ag it replaced, but it was crazy not to require odor control as a condition of cultivation from the start.

a-1562613185 Jul 08, 2019 12:13 PM
Cannabis Activist Group Proposes Ordinance Corrections to Supervisors

Go for a hike...get high. Go to a concert...get high. Go to a movie...get high. Visiting the folks...get high. Going to class...get high. Heading out for coffee...get high. Driving up the coast...get high. Surfs up...get high. Mountain bike ride...get high. Camping...get high. Get high....then get high on top of that. What a life it must be getting high all the time. ...are we high enough?

a-1562614563 Jul 08, 2019 12:36 PM
Cannabis Activist Group Proposes Ordinance Corrections to Supervisors

at 12:13 - not all cannabis users get high for every single occasion, just like not all alcohol users get drunk or even have a drink for every occasion. Really, the same things could be said about alcohol, just replace "get high" with "have a drink." Your comment would then be equally absurd.

Factotum Jul 08, 2019 11:18 AM
Cannabis Activist Group Proposes Ordinance Corrections to Supervisors

Study did not monitor increased use of meth, heroin or other illicit drugs by teens, just pot: .... "Laws that legalized recreational marijuana were associated with an 8% drop in the number of high schoolers who said they used marijuana in the last 30 days, and a 9% drop in the number who said they'd used at least 10 times in the last 30 days, according to the paper published in the medical journal JAMA Pediatrics on Monday.

"Just to be clear we found no effect on teen use following legalization for medical purposes, but evidence of a possible reduction in use following legalization for recreational purposes," said Mark Anderson, an associate professor at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana, who was first author of the paper........." (NB: there is probably a little value taking away pot's rebel illegal status and making it mainstream that led to this small decline in teen use.)

a-1562608218 Jul 08, 2019 10:50 AM
Cannabis Activist Group Proposes Ordinance Corrections to Supervisors

The last people who realize that they have it are those who have it...addictive personality disorder. Puff puff puff..."I'm not addicted"...huff huff huff..."I am NOT addicted"....cough cough cough..."YOU are are the problem"....wheeeeez wheeeeez cough..."Weed makes me smarter" .....glazed eye look..."Medical grade high is the best"....duuuuhhhhhh...

a-1562608446 Jul 08, 2019 10:54 AM
Cannabis Activist Group Proposes Ordinance Corrections to Supervisors

You wont ever win this argument even with the overwhelming evidence of medical benefits and its sad. These over opinionated people just don't like the smell and is apparently causing "medical complications" to people smelling the odor. They are so quick to demonize it but think about the kids with seizures that benefit from CBD NON Psychoactive oil to stop their seizures, or when you rich yuppie scumbags dogs get scared from fireworks, anxiety, seizures CBD is what you use to treat it. But maybe because your dog needs it you will approve of it. Funny how people treat animals better than humans. The flower is not the problem people its you and your closed minds.

a-1562604964 Jul 08, 2019 09:56 AM
Cannabis Activist Group Proposes Ordinance Corrections to Supervisors

Its pretty funny how people are claiming "health Issues" due to the smell of premium grade medical cannabis. Id love to see these charts and findings of health complications due to a plant odor. There is no use uin arguing with anti-pot people. Id rather chill, buy some chron and blow it in your faces.

a-1562705534 Jul 09, 2019 01:52 PM
Cannabis Activist Group Proposes Ordinance Corrections to Supervisors

Monkeyboy - if you move "next to" any type of farm, there are going to be stinky times. It's not always roses (or daisy's) 24/7. Operating any farm involves smells that don't always smell nice. Yeah, when its flowering, cannabis has a more skunky odor than a daisy, but I seriously doubt it's so bad that it would cause "mental health" issues. It's really not as bad as a few folks are making it out to be.

Luvaduck Jul 08, 2019 09:54 AM
Cannabis Activist Group Proposes Ordinance Corrections to Supervisors

I have this on several good authorities: In order to get CBD products--value strictly medicinal, no-highs--one needs to pay for a 1-year medical diagnosis which needs to be renewed if the arthritis, vertigo or the chronic pain isn't going to go away. Of course, there's always oxy or other substances that are addictive or have miserable side effects but keep pharm execs in personal jets and multiple homes. Don't worry though, former politicians have and are buying land for cultivation. Soon it'll be the heavy weights slugging it out. . .

SantaBarbaraObserver Jul 08, 2019 08:51 AM
Cannabis Activist Group Proposes Ordinance Corrections to Supervisors

These anti-pot people really are something else. They remind me of the Pro-Life crowd a bit. They're so indoctrinated into their own thinking that they are literally incapable of reaching with logic or facts or even the majority rule... The lies they present here and in other OpEds are stunning. They are simply trying and scare people into siding with their side via their own skewed propaganda. Give the whole situation a few years to work itself out. There is far too much marijuana supply out there and so the market will drive most of these growers out of high rent places like Carp after a little time. In the meantime, the city of Carp is benefiting greatly from the influx of money and capital improvements. My advice is to ignore the loud yelling from the naysayers and look around, you'll see nothing much has changed except perhaps some new glass panels on the greenhouses that were run down a few years ago...

Rinconer Jul 08, 2019 07:56 AM
Cannabis Activist Group Proposes Ordinance Corrections to Supervisors

81 years ago a harmless plant was demonized to benefit drug makers and Dupont’s nylon manufacturers.
Giving opioids to 11 year olds? Yes!
Mandatory neurotoxins injected? Yes!
Giving Ritalin, aka meth to kids? Yes!
Do I smell a plant? Not cool!?
The demonizing of a harmless plant continues.

Flicka Jul 07, 2019 02:43 PM
Cannabis Activist Group Proposes Ordinance Corrections to Supervisors

Maybe someone could explain exactly how Das Williams is getting "more children, teens, and adults high." The anti-cannabis hoopla is totally out of control. In Carp, "The devil weed is ruining our city" is the battle cry. "Tourists won't be coming and real estate values will plummet." Well might be a good thing if house prices went down, maybe some of our young people who grew up here could afford to buy a home. Sounds like the 1950s hoopla over rock 'n roll, "the devil's music." We were warned we'd all be going to hell in a hand basket." Somehow the dire warnings didn't come to haunt us. Hopefully this will pass too.

ChillinGrillin Jul 07, 2019 01:07 PM
Cannabis Activist Group Proposes Ordinance Corrections to Supervisors

I grew up in Carpinteria and this anti-pot fear mongering and whining is confusing. It does not match reality. Im not a smoker but I catch occasional whiffs of weed on frequent drives along Foothill Rd. Myself and others enjoy the smell. Pot growers also use less dangerous pesticides and water than the flower and avocado growers they replaced. I find it strange that the same people who are so quick to dismiss every piece of news as fake and protect Big Pharma have latched on to a single newspaper article to vilify local small businesses and a dedicated public servant like Das Williams. It's no wonder that the local GOP is virtually extinct.

a-1562530587 Jul 07, 2019 01:16 PM
Cannabis Activist Group Proposes Ordinance Corrections to Supervisors

Cathy Murillo voted to approve a marijuana store front on Milpas. She is following Das's MO: take money from special interests, give them everything including public land, while saddling taxpayers with more debt and make the voters that she's with them. She's a piece of work and needs to RECALLED! Someone called her a tyrant. Fits how she behaves. Politics is local. Start paying attention to what is going on in SB it's MOT good

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