Caltrans to Demolish Bridges on SR-192

Caltrans to Demolish Bridges on SR-192 title=
Caltrans to Demolish Bridges on SR-192
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Montecito Creek Bridge

Source: Caltrans

Caltrans is continuing with plans to rebuild and repair six bridges along State Route 192 following debris flows and flooding in the Montecito area.

This major construction effort will include rebuilding Montecito Creek (PM 8.12), Romero Canyon Creek (PM 10.92), Toro Canyon (PM 12.49) and the Arroyo Paredon Creek (PM 15.50) bridges.

The demolition of these bridges will begin Monday, May 7 and continue through early June. Caltrans will begin with removal of the Toro Canyon Bridge, followed by Romero Canyon Creek, Arroyo Paredon and Montecito Creek Bridges.

The contractor for this $20 million three-bridge replacement project is Security Paving Company of Sylmar, CA.  This project is expected to be complete in the spring of 2019. 

Lash Construction of Santa Barbara is the contractor for the $10 million replacement of the Arroyo Paredon Bridge.  There is currently no estimate when construction will be completed on this bridge.

A segment of State Route 192 is open to motorists but through traffic is strongly advised to continue using US 101. State Route 192 remains closed between Sycamore Canyon/Camino Viejo Road and Cravens Lane.

Romero Canyon Creek Bridge

Caltrans is nearing completion on the design of the new bridges and is moving toward  construction at an accelerated pace.  The demolition process follows the completion of the relocation and repair of utility lines by Southern California Edison and the Southern California Gas Companies.

These bridges will likely be closed for several months to through traffic, except for emergency vehicles up to the time of demolition.  Barricades and locked gates will secure each location with detours available via local roads.  Emergency responders will maintain access to these locked areas in the interest of public safety.

Caltrans will also demolish the bridge rails on the San Ysidro Creek (PM 9.6) and Toro Creek (PM 12.14) bridges this June.  Both of these bridges remain open under one-way traffic control via stop and yield signs which will remain in place until these repairs are complete.      

Caltrans reminds motorists to move over and slow down when driving through highway work zones.

For more information on this project and for traffic updates on other Caltrans projects in Santa Barbara County, residents may call the District 5 Public Affairs Unit at (805) 549-3237 visit our website at:

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Jim Jones May 06, 2018 06:20 PM
Caltrans to Demolish Bridges on SR-192

Why cant Caltrans install temporary bridges at each location for local use only? To completely close these sites for months on end with no estimate to re-open is just wrong. Why is this ok Montecito?

a-1526139725 May 12, 2018 08:42 AM
Caltrans to Demolish Bridges on SR-192

You mean build "convenience bridges" before demolishing and rebuilding permanent ones? Maybe the contractors can do it for less with the bulk discount for having to build and demolish twice the number of bridges.

tagdes May 08, 2018 09:41 AM
Caltrans to Demolish Bridges on SR-192

I believe if you read the article you should be able to figure out that this is a Caltrans project as stated at least 6 times and not Santa Barbara County.

tagdes May 08, 2018 09:36 AM
Caltrans to Demolish Bridges on SR-192

Because their ROW is barely wide enough for the new bridge. Doubtful the property owners would want their trees, hedges, gates or walls torn down for a temporary bridge.

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