Assault in Parking Lot of Foodland

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Update by the Santa Barbara Police Department

Around 6:54 pm, the Santa Barbara Police Department received a report of a fight that was occurring at 1501 San Andres Street, Foodland parking lot. Initial callers stated there was a two males involved in a physical altercation. The reason for the altercation is still under investigation. One of the subjects then struck the other in the head with a pop can, casing lacerations and injury. The male aggressor then committed a robbery (211 PC - Felony) against the victim he had struck and fled the area. Officers located the suspect, detained, and arrested him for robbery. Witnesses confirmed the suspect Officers had detained was the assailant. The suspect is currently being processed and will be booked in the Santa Barbara County Jail. The victim was transported to Cottage ER for treatment.

Reported by Roger the Scanner Guy

Assault in the parking lot of Foodland, 1501 San Andres Street. It's possibly a Strong Arm Robbery.

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Seabird Jun 05, 2021 11:03 PM
Assault in Parking Lot of Foodland

Can the person who is the PIO for the SBPD please proofread from now on? Each of these sentences is making me uncomfortable. Also, I'm for hire as a copy editor, if you would like to up your game and be taken seriously by the general public. Come on, guys.

Rypert Johnson Jun 07, 2021 11:29 AM
Assault in Parking Lot of Foodland

Has "houseless neighbor" written all over it. I bet the suspect was caught by the railroad tracks. It's their sanctuary.

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