Arrests Made in Boat Theft from Local Non-Profit

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Update by Santa Barbara Police Department
June 28, 2021

On June 15, 2021, Santa Barbara Police and Harbor Patrol Officers responded to the Santa Barbara Harbor for a report of a boat theft that occurred sometime over last weekend. The stolen Zodiac vessel, the “Salty Pup” was owned by a local non-profit organization, Santa Barbara Youth Sailing Foundation.
The investigation revealed two suspects had entered the Harbor area in the early morning of June 12th, loaded the stolen vessel onto a boat trailer, and covered the boat with a tarp before fleeing the area. The Harbor area has an extensive video surveillance system that recorded the theft, the suspects’ vehicle, and identifiable descriptors of the two involved. 
The Santa Barbara Youth Sailing Foundation shared images of the suspects and missing vessel though local news and social media posts. Members of the community advised the uniquely painted suspect vehicle was frequently seen in Lompoc. 
Santa Barbara Police Detectives shared images of the suspects with the Lompoc Police Department, who assisted in the suspect’s identification. Lompoc Police located the suspect’s vehicle in the 1400 block of West North Street.
On June 25, 2021, Lompoc Police and the lead Santa Barbara Police Detective contacted suspect Duane Hicks, a 60-year-old transient. The interview led to the discovery of the stolen vessel named “Salty Pup” in the 500 block of South I Street, Lompoc.  Hicks was taken into custody for the theft.
While Officers were on-scene, the second suspect, Tim Rounds a 43-year-old transient returned to the vessel. Rounds was also arrested.
Both Hicks and Rounds were charged with 487 PC – Grand Theft (felony), and 182 PC – Conspiracy to Commit a Crime (felony). Both were booked in the Lompoc Police Department Jail. They were released on promises to appear later in the evening.
The “Salty Pup” was returned to the Santa Barbara Youth Sailing Foundation. Santa Barbara Police would like to thank all the community members and local news media who contributed to the successful recovery of the Santa Barbara Youth Sailing Foundation’s “Salty Pup”.

By an edhat reader
June 21, 2021

The Coach boat for the Santa Barbara Youth Sailing Foundation was stolen from it's dock at 5 am last Saturday. Harbor cameras show the thief motoring the boat to the launch ramp where he put a blue tarp over it and pulled it out of the water using a white pick up truck with stolen plates. The man appears to be in his 50's and is bald. The boat is a 2013 Zodiac with the name "Salty Pup" on it and CF 5510RV. It has a 50 hp Yamaha outboard.

The boat was purchased with donations to the Sailing Foundation. It is used as a coach/safety boat for the kids. Please help us find it by contacting Nick ([email protected]) or SB Police Department with tips.

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Rypert Johnson Jun 28, 2021 03:44 PM
Arrests Made in Boat Theft from Local Non-Profit

And now they're taking to the seas! Loaded gun incident, bug spray incident, over 50 fires since the start of 2021, threatening people with a 8 pound chunk of concrete, setting fire to TV Hill and the list goes on. Three cheers to our "houseless neighbors" and those who fight to keep them in place with a litany of excuses!

a-1624915642 Jun 28, 2021 02:27 PM
Arrests Made in Boat Theft from Local Non-Profit

More crimes by our 'unhoused' population. Why do they call them 'homeless' until they've been caught doing a crime in which case they call them 'transients'?

"They were released on promises to appear later in the evening"

This worries me. Did they indeed return? Are they on their way out of state by now?

a-1624925520 Jun 28, 2021 05:12 PM
Arrests Made in Boat Theft from Local Non-Profit

Does the Lompoc jail not have space to hold people for even a few hours? Why would they be set free? Granted, it wasn’t a violent crime, but if they have no home, do the cops know where to go looking for them?

PitLocal Jun 24, 2021 09:07 AM
Arrests Made in Boat Theft from Local Non-Profit

My guess is that he knew he was stealing a boat that is used for children's sailing classes, which makes the crime that much more reprehensible. With all of the photographic evidence, I can't imagine him getting away with the crime. The long arm of the law will eventually catch up with this joker. All I can say is 'book 'em Dano.'

LoveMySB Jun 24, 2021 09:01 AM
Arrests Made in Boat Theft from Local Non-Profit

This isn't the Santa Barbara of yesteryear when you could leave your doors unlocked or your car keys in the ingnition.
News Flash! Crime is "way up" in the City of Santa Barbara (just in case you didn't know).

biguglystick Jun 29, 2021 01:20 PM
Arrests Made in Boat Theft from Local Non-Profit

LOVEMYSB: Newsflash... this hasn't been the SB of yesteryear for a really really LONG time. The disparity between the rich and poor here have created a vacuum. The city, a once vibrant fun colorful beach enclave has become a vapid vacant soulless place available ONLY to the very wealthy. The middle class has been pushed out. Only the homeless, the lucky (by virtue of family land) and the uber wealthy remain. SO so sad.

sacjon Jun 23, 2021 02:32 PM
Arrests Made in Boat Theft from Local Non-Profit

Weird. He's wearing a dark color top in the bottom photo and light colored in the top one. Also, how did they not get the license plate # on this truck in the photo?

biguglystick Jun 29, 2021 01:21 PM
Arrests Made in Boat Theft from Local Non-Profit

Armchair detectives are awesome! Look at the Kristen Smart case in SLO! If not for that podcast and a group of determined citizens the murderer wouldn't have been caught! Armchair detectives are better than the cops in MANY cases! Bravo to them!

a-1624511166 Jun 23, 2021 10:06 PM
Arrests Made in Boat Theft from Local Non-Profit

Small change to the theory, I realized the first photo was actually taken on the way INTO the harbor - see the grass. bikepath, and sidewalk? And the bottom photo was taken on the way out. So, this negates the questionable seat-switching theory. Did bright-blue man put on a navy-blue sweatshirt at some point? Did he discard his bright blue shirt on the passenger seat? Or is there a navy-blue accomplice? Occam's razor says its the same man, but trailering a boat alone is a lot more difficult than with two people, especially if you're trying to be quick.

a-1624510034 Jun 23, 2021 09:47 PM
Arrests Made in Boat Theft from Local Non-Profit

Huh. That's interesting. It was sunrise (5 am) so my gut instinct is lighting/different cameras. BUT, it is sort of strange that the bottom photo's camera picked up the bright blue color on the side of the truck, but his shirt doesn't appear that color at all, it looks like a navy blue long-sleeve. Then in the top photo, the blue shirt matches the blue mark on the side of the truck. Also, if you mess with the contrast/brightness of the bottom photo a bit, there's a suspiciously bright blue mass in the passenger seat area. Can't say for certain it's a person (like, at all - it's a blob, but a bright blue blob nonetheless), but I think there's a real possibility that there were 2 people in that truck that for some reason switched seats between the first and second photo. Unlikely, but plausible. Tune in next week for the followup episode of ARMCHAIR INTERNET DETECTIVES!

tagdes Jun 23, 2021 12:26 PM
Arrests Made in Boat Theft from Local Non-Profit

No wonder he got away...completely wrong description, he was not bald and not a white P/U but rather a poorly painted green and white 1 ton dually flatbed.

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