Anacapa School Hosts Rocketry Fair

Anacapa School Hosts Rocketry Fair title=
Anacapa School Hosts Rocketry Fair
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Source: Anacapa School

Through the lens of community outreach and engaging education, Anacapa School students will host a rocketry fair where kids and adults will be able
to design rockets and test their flight. This will be held before the actual rocket launch on Tuesday, October 17, 2017, at 2:37 PM.  

Anacapa School will set up a tent to make and test rockets at the parking lot on HWY 1 and Azalea Lane in Lompoc, one hour before the launch. All are invited to make rockets and learn about science before the launch for a fun-filled day of science and engineering.

“Hosting this event, the day of the Vandenberg rocket launch, is a way for Anacapa students to share their knowledge of science and their enthusiasm for learning,” said Paul Nolan, physics and science teacher, Anacapa School. “This will make the event even more meaningful for kids and educational for the students.”  

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