All Evacuations Lifted for Santa Barbara

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(Pic 2: Thomas Fire by Patti Gutshall on Saturday morning 12/16/17)

All Evacuation Orders Have Been Lifted in Santa Barbara as of 9:00 a.m. 12/21/17


Update by County of Santa Barbara
9:00 a.m., December 21, 2017

All Santa Barbara County mandatory and voluntary evacuation orders have been lifted effective 9 am on December 21, 2017. For those who have animals in shelter care, please pick up your animals before returning home. Once a wildfire has burned through an area, many dangers may remain.  Please exercise safety precautions when returning to your home. 

  • When entering your property check for trees, brush, rocks and debris.  Trees may be weakened or destroyed as result of the fire.  Be on the lookout for utility poles which may be weakened. 

  • As you walk around your property, check for fire or fire damage.  Hot embers may be seen in rain gutters, on the roof and under overhangs, under decks and in crawl spaces.  You may see marking tapes or placards on your mailboxes or home.  These were used by first responders and can now be discarded.

  • If your services are off, check for burned service equipment and facilities.  If there is visible damage, DO NOT attempt to repair or turn on these services. Call your local utility companies.

  • Once you have secured the outside of your home, check inside for fire or fire damage. Check for embers in the attic which may have entered through vents.  If electricity is off, turn off all appliances before turning it on.  Check if the phone is working.  Check if security systems and alarms are working.


If you find any of these conditions:

1.    Fire or other emergencies – stay away and call 911

2.    Damaged utilities – report them to your local utility

For questions, please call the Thomas Fire Information Help Line at 681-5542.

Todas las ordenes de evacuación obligatorias y las advertencias de evacuación han sido eliminadas a partir de las 9 am el 21 de diciembre de 2017. Para las personas que tienen animales en los refugios, por favor recojan sus animales antes de regresar a casa. Despues de que un incendio afecta un área, puede que permanezcan algunos peligros. Por favor tome medidas de seguridad cuando regrese a casa.

An interactive map from the County of Santa Barbara is below where you can zoom in on all evacuation areas.

The County of Santa Barbara created a more detailed evacuation map that can be found here.

Below is a population map showing how many residents live within the different zones.

An evacuation preparation list can be found here

Sistema de Alerta de Emergencia: Es muy importante que las personas en el Condado de Santa Bárbara se registren para recibir alertas de emergencias. Inscríbete a, si no podemos localizarte, no podemos alertarte.

Permanece Conectado: Para actualizaciones continuas, ve a, sigue @countyofsb en Twitter y Facebook o llama al 2-1-1 desde el código de área 805, o al 800-400-1572 para fuera del 805, o manda por texto tu código postal al 898-211.

Video by Mike Eliason showing firefighters attempting to protect the historic San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito.

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a-1513704358 Dec 19, 2017 09:25 AM
All Evacuations Lifted for Santa Barbara

How are evacuation zones numbered? Is it the same all the time, or are numbers assigned for each fire? For instance, what zone would San Marcos High School be in during the Thomas Fire?

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