Airbnb Offers Free Housing for Local Evacuees

Airbnb Offers Free Housing for Local Evacuees title=
Airbnb Offers Free Housing for Local Evacuees
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Source: Airbnb

Airbnb has activated its Open Homes Program ( to help local residents displaced and relief workers deployed to Santa Barbara County as a result of the heavy rainfall and severe weather in the area. The program recruits hosts who are willing and able to provide free housing to displaced residents and disaster relief workers in the area for any length of time between March 5 and March 25 and is active in Santa Barbara County.

Our goal is to ensure those able to open their homes, as well as anyone who is affected and in need of temporary accommodation, knows this program is an option.

The Open Homes Program is currently available from March 5, 2019 through March 25, 2019. As a public service, Airbnb is asking Santa Barbara news outlets to share the following link:


This concept began organically back in 2012 in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and has since grown into a global disaster response initiative that makes it easy for Airbnb hosts to provide space for people in need when disasters strike.

Below, please find an official statement from Kellie Bentz, Airbnb's Head of Global Disaster Response and Relief:

“Airbnb’s Open Homes Program has been activated to assist residents displaced by and relief workers deployed to respond to the severe weather in Santa Barbara. Through the program, those in need of temporary accommodations can connect with Open Homes hosts in the area free of charge.”

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biguglystick Mar 07, 2019 08:30 AM
Airbnb Offers Free Housing for Local Evacuees

Well, Air B-n-B has caused a housing crisis. Landlords who would otherwise rent to LOCALS for long term are doing this because they make way more money. I wish STRs would just be regulated, there needs to be a cap. Locals need rentals too.

Oby Mar 07, 2019 05:31 PM
Airbnb Offers Free Housing for Local Evacuees

The housing crisis has been in California and especially SB long before airbnb arrived. It's a bubble that is going to burst sooner or later. Who can afford and live comfortably by paying 2-3k in rent per month ? Not many...

Factotum Mar 06, 2019 02:06 PM
Airbnb Offers Free Housing for Local Evacuees

Self-serving publicity scheme. No one is coming to town during storm warnings anyway. Nope, this does no create any goodwill for AirB&B's.

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