6th Annual Heroes of Hospice

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6th Annual Heroes of Hospice
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2018 Heroes of Hospice award recipients Marybeth Carty, Montecito Bank & Trust (represented by George Leis), Organic Soup Kitchen (represented by Andrea Slaby), Cottage Children’s Medical Center Hematology/Oncology (represented by Herb Geary), and Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation (represented by Lindsey Leonard)

By Bonnie Carroll

The 6th Annual Heroes of Hospice at The Biltmore's Coral Casino on September 12 attracted a huge crowd of supporters to honor those being recognized in 2018. Guests mingled on the patio overlooking the sea at the welcome reception to bid on valuable auction items and pose for photographs. According to Executive Director David Selberg, the luncheon has grown over the years and the 6th annual was its largest attendance to date.

C.J. Ward and wife Beth Farnsworth were perfect Emcees for the afternoon luncheon, where a live auction raised needed funds, and members of the Hospice of Santa Barbara family shared their touching experiences during regarding their individual experience of loss. The awards were presented by Selberg and grateful recipients shared their appreciation for the Heroes recognition.

Those being honored included Cottage Children's Medical Center Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, The Partnership Award to Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation; Marybeth Carty, Ambassador Award; Montecito Bank & Trust, Legacy Award; Organic Soup Kitchen, Volunteer Award.

Andrea Slaby, Organic Soup Kitchen Award Recipient & David Selberg, Executive Director Hospice of Santa Barbara

Sheriff Bill Brown gave a moving recollection of the Thomas catastrophy and serious loss the community experienced. He commended the first responders, many groups and individuals who showed up to help victims and those in need. He commended the Sheriffs, Police, Firefighters and Organizations who responded including Hospice of Santa Barbara.

Generous sponsors for 2018 included Lucky Star Sponsors: Central Coast Home Health and Hospice, Peter and Gerd Jordano, LivHome, Bruce McRoy, Alan Miller, CPA, Natalie Orfalea Foundation, NurseCore, NS Ceramic, Inc., Susannah E. Rake, Mark and Nicole Romasanta, Senior Planning Services, Stevens & Associates. Bright Star Sponsors: Alexander Gardens Assisted Living and Villa Alamar, Assisted Home Health and Hospice Care, Channel Islands Fiduciary, Debra Brandon and Steve Schaefer, Dream Foundation, MarBorg Industries, Nasif, Hicks, Harris & Co., LLP, Quinn Fiduciary Services, The Samarkand, Simply Remembered Cremation Care, Senior Living Consultants, Toyota/Scion of Santa Barbara, Steve Warner and Vince Turano, Visiting Nurse & Hospice Care. Luminary Sponsors: Cottage Children's Medical Center, Montecito Bank & Trust, Melinda Goodman Kemp, Jill and Barry Kitnick, and Shooting Star Sponsors: Lagia Affinity, Investic, Parri V. Harcourt, Judith & Stewart Light, Mullen & Henzell LLP, Kenny & Elizabeth Slaught, Suzanne von Drehle.

It was a lovely, and heartwarming afternoon created by Hospice of Santa Barbara, and was filled with appreciation, recognition, and thanks.

For additional information on Hospice of Santa Barbara or to make a donation please visit: www.hospiceofsantabarbara.org

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a-1537686326 Sep 23, 2018 12:05 AM
6th Annual Heroes of Hospice

I almost replied last night, but realized that the first poster was referring to both organizations, without fully spelling out their names or clarifying with punctuation. At least, I THINK that's what the poster intended...

It took me YEARS to get straight on both organizations; thank goodness I had it pretty much down by the time both my parents were assisted through death, with me by their sides, and getting the referral, and one parent had home nursing from VNHC! Which is in my will.

Hospice of SB is counseling.
VNHC is Loan Closet, home nursing, death care from multiple angles, support groups -- I think I covered it.

Flicka Sep 22, 2018 09:11 AM
6th Annual Heroes of Hospice

Hospice of Santa Barbara and Visiting Nurses and Hospice are two different organizations. Mary Beth Carty lives in our neighborhood and is an amazing person, she does incredible volunteer work with non-profits and certainly deserves this award. She organized Hospice of SB getting started here in Carpinteria. Congratulations Mary Beth.

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