4th of July Celebration Photos

4th of July Celebration Photos title=
4th of July Celebration Photos
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(Top Photo: Jesse Rockwell)
Edhat subscribers share fireworks and July 4th celebration photos throughout Santa Barbara County.
Local photographer Jesse Rockwell was able to capture some beautiful photos of the fireworks from Mission Ridge Road:
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Fritz Olenberger was also able to capture some cool shots of the fireworks and festivities:
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Photographer Patti Gutshall:
We always like to watch the fireworks from Gibraltar Road.  We were surprised when all the cars above us came raising down all at once.  Usually people hang out and enjoy the night for awhile.  When a long stream of Fire vehicles started coming up we figured it out.  We were right below the fire.  No wind and could not smell a thing.  Took a while to get down, stopped counting emergency vehicles at 15.
Another local photographer was able to capture some of the fireworks over Girsh Park:
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