25 Arrested at Santa Maria DUI Checkpoint

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Source: Santa Maria Police Department

8 drivers were arrested for DUI  while conducting a DUI checkpoint on June 24, 2022.

The checkpoint was held at the 300 block of West Stowell road  from 6:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.

17 drivers were cited for operating a vehicle unlicensed or with a suspended/revoked license, 233 vehicles were screened, and 1 driver was arrested for a felony warrant.

Checkpoint locations are based on a history of crashes and DUI arrests. The primary purpose of checkpoints is not to make arrests, but to promote public safety by deterring drivers from driving impaired.

The Santa Maria Police Department will hold another DUI/Driver’s License checkpoint in the upcoming months.

Funding for this checkpoint was provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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Luvaduck Jun 26, 2022 09:08 AM
25 Arrested at Santa Maria DUI Checkpoint

Those driving without a license and insurance are an expense to every responsible, lawful driver on the road. If we hit them, we'd pay, our insurance rates may go up and we'd probably get a ticket to pay as well. If they hit us, we pay and they walk away no worse off than they were. I've had that happen twice and both times the responding officers had to work hard to even get all of the guys' <names> out (a string of possibilities.) They claimed to have no ID. Neither time were they cited. I asked why they weren't ticketed when I would surely have been and was told there was no point b/c they would not pay and it would cost the county to chase them down. IMHO, this is why there should be work details manned by these irresponsible drivers.

doulie Jun 26, 2022 11:47 AM
25 Arrested at Santa Maria DUI Checkpoint

LUV - IMO the officer was wrong not to cite in the incidents you describe. Similar to our ability to make a "Citizens Arrest," I believe we can also cite a person for a CVC violation. An officer should be able to explain if this is/is not possible.

JB86 Jun 26, 2022 04:20 AM
25 Arrested at Santa Maria DUI Checkpoint

These are big numbers for a checkpoint op. Consider also that the unlicensed drivers were not insured, increasing the risks for other citizens. If about 10% of drivers checked had problems, seems to me Santa Maria has a major issue.

CoastWatch Jun 26, 2022 12:35 AM
25 Arrested at Santa Maria DUI Checkpoint

Driving on public roads is NOT a “right “… If you don’t have a drivers license, current registration and car insurance , you should be OFF the road… I applaud law enforcement for taking those that don’t play by the rules, off the roads as the rest of us pay the price…

a-1656228492 Jun 26, 2022 12:28 AM
25 Arrested at Santa Maria DUI Checkpoint

A citation is not an arrest. 25 were not arrested.
But maybe SB should better chose their check point locations!

"Eight people were arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs during a Santa Maria Police Department checkpoint.
Traffic Bureau Sgt. Michael McGehee said 17 drivers were cited for operating a vehicle unlicensed or with a suspended/revoked license during the checkpoint, where 233 vehicles were screened.
One driver was arrested on a felony warrant, McGehee said."

Chip of SB Jun 25, 2022 10:50 PM
25 Arrested at Santa Maria DUI Checkpoint

I can’t believe that we can have checkpoints in this country where government officials stop and search people without probable cause and then cite or arrest them because their travel papers are not in order. We are overdue for the Supreme Court to take up a fourth amendment case. These checkpoints are flamboyantly unconstitutional. What part of “shall not be violated” as stated in the fourth amendment is not clear enough? Claiming that some public safety benefit justifies the infringement of a constitutionally protected right doesn’t cut it.

doulie Jun 26, 2022 11:41 AM
25 Arrested at Santa Maria DUI Checkpoint

Chip - I always thought of this as a good deterrent and never considered the legal side of the stop. I would agree, without PC prior to the checkpoint any legal action against the driver/occupant of a car that was checked is likely illegal. Unless someone comes up with a PC reason I believe checkpoint cases are doomed. In addition, if this is accurate, prior cases should be able to be appealed and dismissed. Surely the NHTSA & COTS researched this PC point before proceeding with their grants so my thought is likely to get shot down:)

Sail380 Jun 25, 2022 03:53 PM
25 Arrested at Santa Maria DUI Checkpoint

Is that the new math schools are teaching?
8 arrested DUI + 1 arrested on felony warrant = 25?

Even if you count the 17 citations as arrests that's 26................

bicyclist Jun 25, 2022 05:51 PM
25 Arrested at Santa Maria DUI Checkpoint

Don't know sounds like a pretty "Fun 9 hour shift". We greeted 233 "Customers" of which we were able to assertain that 8 "Customers" need an "Assist" home, but we took em to OUR house instead. Pass out certificates to 17 & someone wasn't supposed to be out in public?
Good Job, thumbs up!

edney Jun 25, 2022 07:17 PM
25 Arrested at Santa Maria DUI Checkpoint

Well for starters, not much of the homeless money actually gets to the homeless (see LA City spending $1.24M for 460 SF)
Mental Health as well. Most of the money goes to non profit middlemen

a-1656196985 Jun 25, 2022 03:43 PM
25 Arrested at Santa Maria DUI Checkpoint

Do you have to ask? They are constantly busy dealing with the rampant mental illness, drug addiction, and homeless issues WE have created as a society by choosing not to fund these sectors appropriately.

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